GAZA STRIPPERS - 1000 Watt Confessions

GAZA STRIPPERS 1000 Watt Confessions cd 2000
Outasight / Get Em Down / My Car Is / Cat Fight / Juvenile Detention / Newburgh Housewives / Who Can Save Me? / Sex and the Drifter / Injected / Swan / Mommy Shot Daddy / Jesse Wayne / As Long as It Feels Good.
Produced by R. Sims
Gaza Strippers: R. Sims: vocals, guitar / D. Hooper: bass / M. Hodgkiss: guitar / M. Allen: drums.
Former Didjits and Supersuckers guitarist Rick Sims heads up the Gaza Strippers, a glammed-up punk quartet signed to the Man's Ruin label in the late '90s. Their first album, "Laced Candy", was released in 1999. "1000 Watt Confessions" was issued a year later, and the expanded EP re-release "Electric Bible: The New Testament" followed in 2001 and their last album "From the Desk of Dr Freepill" in 2005.
Full-on cranked-out rock & roll, in the Hellacopters/Supersuckers tradition, which would fit since frontman Rick Sims played axe for the Supersuckers' album in 1995. The former point man of the Didjits leads another ragtag band to frantic rawk glory, playing tracks with so much swaggering and tongue-lagging that you can almost feel the spit flying in your face. With certain cues echoing from the New York Dolls (among others), '70s glam metal appears here as well. This is better than the Strippers' first album, but the guitar freak-outs never quite peak as high as they did on the last track of that album, although several come close. These boys sing of the rock & roll life, of drinkin' and fast cars, of tussin' and tumblin' and getting caught for it. For a band with a song like "Who Can Save Me?" and a nun on the album cover, the Strippers d
on't want savin' that hard. Kick-ass organ solo on "Get Em Down," too. Source
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GAZA STRIPPERS: "1000 Watt Confessions"
cd 2000

"Recalling the '70s, the Gaza Strippers offered a hard rocking and fun blend of glam rock, punk and power pop. The band gets its sneering, bratty attitude from punk, while its sense of fun comes more from glam and power pop. The Strippers' sound brings to mind '70s artists ranging from Cheap Trick and the New York Dolls to John Lydon and Generation X!" Allmusic

Anonyme a dit…

Many thanx. All work of Rick Sims is fantastic. Didjits, Lee Harvey Oswald Band. Aaargh! Superb.

Rockandre a dit…

Thank you. Fabulous band fronted by an extraordinary dude.