THE ZIMMERMEN - Way Too Casual

THE ZIMMERMEN Way Too Casual CD 1989
What Really Hurts / Shaking Hand / Saddle Brides / All The Boys Need Love / Moral Obligation / Ties That Bind / Makes No Difference / Intellectual Dishonesty / Waiting / Corsican Dreams / Forever After / The Waltz (bonus track).
Produced by Lobby Loyde
The Zimmermen: J. Dowler: vocals / M. Holmes: guitars / P. Tulloch: guitars, vocals, organ / A. Brooker: bass / G. Perry: drums, percussion + B. Haynes: piano, organ.
A pun on Bob Dylan's real name, Robert Zimmermen, John Dowler's Australian country-rock outfit Zimmermen are best remembered for their standout hit "Don't Go to Sydney." After working with several bands during the late '70s and early '80s, John Dowler formed Zimmermen in June 1983. They found immediate success on the Melbourne pub-circuit where they supported such acts as the Hoodoo Gurus and the Sunnyboys.
By the end of 1984, bandmembers Steve Connolly and Michael Barclay had left to join the Paul Kelly Band which became the Coloured Girls (P. Kelly) the following year. Guitarist Peter Tulloch and drummer Graeme Perry replaced them for the group's debut single, "Don't Go to Sydney," released in January 1985. It became one of the most successful Australian independent singles of 1986 and, after Neil Osborn joined the band as permanent drummer, the band released their debut album, "Rivers of Corn", which contained a second single: "Ordinary Man."
The recording of their follow-up stalled in 1987 when Peter "Pedro" Bull was replaced by Alan Brooker and Neil Osborn by former drummer Graeme Perry. Unsatisfied with the recording by the former lineup, John Dowler took the band back into the studio in November 1988.

The single "What Really Hurts" was released in February 1989, followed by the album "Way Too Casual" in April. A final national tour followed before The Zimmermen disbanded in 1990. John Dowler went on to release a solo album in 1993 titled "Low Society".
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THE ZIMMERMEN "Way Too Casual" cd, 1989

Note that the cd version is not easy to find today !

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thanks for sharing both Zimmers MR

Anonyme a dit…

thanks much for the bonus track! i did track down a cd copy of this a few years ago, and you're right, it's extremely hard to find! great work! jim