THE DOGS - Hypersensitive

"HYPERSENSITIVE", the long-awaited new release by The Dogs that coincides with selfsame video release as of January 2012. To note its repertoire includes strong Dogs' classics old and new understates feloniously. Next video to be shot by their stalwart video genius Salvatore Sebergandio comes "What Goes In Quiet Comes Out Loud", a spankin' fresh newie. One of them however, "Beatin' The Floor" was the very first song ever written by Dogs' singer/songwriter/guitarist Loren Molinare, although its driving rock sounds as fully formed as the adult Venus rising on the halfshell in Botticelli's masterpiece painting of her birth. And "Beatin' " would date from...1967. As do The Dogs, add a year for name and personnel changes. In the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing nexus The Dogs rocked hard, fast and precise (energy-maniacs onstage they may have been, their proficiency as teens cast them practically as rock prodigies) with their own original songs from the get-go. They opened for the likes of MC5, Stooges, Amboy Dukes with Ted Nugent, SRC etc. throughout the late '60s/early '70s as commemorated in "Hypersensitive's" "Motor City Fever" a real knock-out dating from the same era as the bands it name-checks in one of this band's most powerfully riffed songs ever..." Source
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"...In the parallel release of “Doggy Days,” 2-disc live performance dvd of The Dogs in Japan replete with astonishing, historic audio like Sid Vicious and Tony Sales jamming with The Dogs at the Whiskey A Gogo, 1978 and other rare treasures sound-tracked against montages of The Dogs’ entire band history with flyers, headlines (yes, they were arrested. Repeatedly) and many, many stunning photographs such as those by yours truly, MC5 legend, provocateur, humanitarian and still performer of his own supercharged guitar riffs, Brother Wayne Kramer wrote an extended booklet essay on The Dogs’ four-decade continuity as a group. In same he proffered, “…The Dogs: brutal, hard-charging, ferocious, uncompromising, committed, raw, etc. et al. But that all seems to miss the point. The point is really… That their work continues to be important to the band themselves and a community of friends and fans around the world fortifies and validates their accomplishment… Is this important? I think it is. Why? Because it tells me I’m not alone. I’m not the only nutcase out there who cares… That The Dogs have existed in a corner of the world of music on their own, under their own power means more to me than hit records and mass marketing… They made it happen in the face of a world that said, ‘Just who in the hell do you think you are?’ ‘We’re The Dogs’ is the only answer that matters...” Source

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"...Once upon a time in mid-’70s Los Angeles, The Dogs surreptitiously were lumped into the Do It Yourself ethos of the nascent punk scene, ironic since they had zoomed past all that before they even relocated there and started their High Times rehearsal/recording commune and Detroit Records label on Gower Street in Hollywood. They’d already fashioned same as teenagers in the late ’60s without industry connections, blowing the locals and visitors alike offstage in all the important venues of the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing radius, later accomplishing same in Greenwich Village, New York City ’74 where their punk community sure noticed what The Dogs were doing, even if the rest of the entertainment world remained deaf, blind and moronically obstructionist.
D.I.Y.? Old hat much? For The Dogs rather, their enduring credo was Do It Anyway, come hell, high water, or the foremost enemy of rock and roll, the passage of time. Just… Do It Anyway." Source
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The Dogs "Hypersensitive" cd 2012

"It shouldn't be a shock that this re-animated trio from Los Angeles via the Motor City have delivered premium grade Real Rock and Roll on this one. The proof is in the contemporary "Doggy Days" double DVD set from their recent tour of Japan. It and this studio CD are essential..." The Barman [I-94 Bar]


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This is a great album, lots of energy fueled rock n roll. I recommend and on top of this, the Dogs are nice.
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