MISS 45 - Steals The Show

MISS 45 Steals The Show cd 2008
Colombian Romance / Shanghai Shakes / No Way / Meet Me At the Nightclub / Weekend Girl / I Need Some Quick-glue / Just a Joke / Truckstop Love / Too Cool to Dance / Honey I'm Leaving / Pills and Champagne.
Produced by Miss 45.
Miss 45: D. Francisco: vocals, bass & keys / F. Vendetta: guitar & back-up vocals / Colonel M. Knoxx: guitar, vocals, egg & tambourine / D. Frankenstein: drums.
Miss 45 play shamelessly poppy glam rock’n’roll with a punk attitude, perfect melodies and infectious choruses. Razor sharp pop anthems and unworldly catchy barbed wire ballads drenched in a blood-red river of emotions and rebellious groove. In the unholy year of 2008, the sharply dressed Stockholm quartet are essentially the sole defenders of the sacred formula.
Since the formation of the band three years ago, D. Fransisco, F. Vendetta, Colonel M. Knoxx and D. Frankenstein have pounded through a range of selected live shows and intensive rehearsals, coming
ever closer and closer to the perfect mix of controlled chaos and finely calibrated pop genius. With their eponymously titled debut EP from 2006, which received widespread critical acclaim in the US and European press, the band was perilously close to perfection. But now, the circle is complete.
On the full length debut "Steals the Show" released on April 1 2008, Miss 45 has managed to produce a completely unique imprint on the worn out and stale three-chords-concept. With the record’s 34 explosive minutes of intensive licks, the band has successfully combined the best from the old heroes such as New York Dolls, Ramones and Chuck Berry, with their own, updated sound for the 21st Century.
Miss 45 has blessed us with a rich oasis in the contemporary desert of tone-deaf indie bands dressed in ill-fitting blazers and sluggish heavy metal machismo. Simply put, if you’re searching for of maniacal partyrock’n’roll with enough heart, soul and electric high voltage to put all thorax clinics, private psychologists and greedy corporations on this side of the Atlantic out of business, look no further. Source
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MISS 45: Steals The Show cd 2008

"...the band proves that they are indeed evolving into their own sound. Make no mistakes about it, the heart is all New York Dolls, Heartbreakers and Stones, with Thunders riffs spread through out, but the band has found a way of pushing them a bit further back, and using them at the appropriate times." Sonic Ruin

Thanks to Franck !

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