Cheap Rewards Records presents THE LIMIT

After its debut release with "Saturday’s Gone Wild" by The Reactions, Cheap Rewards Records is proud to present The Limit.
THE LIMIT sprang from fertile ground. In the early 1980s, New Orleans was home to a thriving punk, hardcore, new wave and metal scene. The Limit, who coined their brand of music “powerful pop,” began playing the local club scene in the spring of 1982.
The trio recorded their debut EP at the end of 1982 and released it as a 10” in May of 1983 in an edition of 500 copies. Featuring four infectiously catchy tunes, the record sold well and received promising reviews.
Although the band enjoyed modest success in Louisiana, drawing large crowds to their shows, they were unable to gain interest from major labels. The band lost momentum and ultimately broke up in January of 1984.
30 years after The Limit recorded the songs for their sole release, Cheap Rewards Records is excited to give new life to their music. The Limit LP compiles the songs from the band’s self-released EP, along with a demo of their shoulda-been hit, “Uh Oh,” plus an entire side of previously unreleased live recordings. Expertly restored from original source tapes, this record is a remarkable listen from start to finish (100 copies White; 400 copies Black & all copies come with a free digital download card)
Pre-Sale Begins: March 5, 2012; Ship Date: March 12, 2012
You can hear it on Bandcamp and pre-order the lp HERE!

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The Limit: "St" 2012 lp, Cheap Reward Records

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AML a dit…

They have a great songs but only few of my friends appreciate it.. but still I want to hear them singing live.