THE PRISSTEENS - Scandal, Controversy & Romance

THE PRISSTEENS Scandal, Controversy & Romance cd 1998
The Hound / I Don't Cry / Run Back To You / Sorrow / Scandal, Controversy & Romance / What's She Got / I'm Devastated / (I'd Go The) Whole Wide World / Beat You Up / Someday / Party Girl / Let Me Run Wild / Going Out Tonight.
Produced by Richard Gottehrer and Jeffrey Lesser.
The Prissteens: L. Yorkman: lead vocals, bass / L. Day: guitar, vocals / T. Canellas: guitar, vocals / J. Vincent: drums, percussion, vocals.
Good girls don't, so thank heavens for those who do. Growing up in Indiana, L. Yorkman was a model citizen of Carmel High School: cheerleader, student council, tennis team, track team. She was voted best typist in junior high. Then Miss Goodbooks moved to New York, fell in with a good bad element (guitarist L. Day, possessor of a terrifying graveyard scream; guitarist T. Canellas and ex-Devil Dogs drummer J. Vincent), got a tattoo, picked up a big ol' bass and commenced to singing the devil's music. Although the Prissteens' frontline initially had more style and jiz than skill, the quartet was soon packing 'em in to see such surly fun originals as "Beat You Up," "I Don't Cry" and "The Hound," an homage to their manager, writer/indie radio star J. Marshall. The album, produced by Richard Gottehrer and Jeffrey Lesser, is a garage blast that touches on various forms and degrees of noisy punky kitsch (imagine spawn of the Shangri-La's and the Fleshtones) and is — for the most part — wall-to-wall modern fun. (Delving into the actual past, to cover the Merseys' "Sorrow," a '60s song revived brilliantly by Bowie on Pin-Ups, leads the group nowhere good.) Neither cutesy nor overly nostalgic, the Prissteens take their music, not themselves, seriously. Trouser Press
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"The New York-based band the Prissteens is made up of guitarist and vocalist Tina Canellas, bassist and vocalist Lori Yorkman, guitarist and vocalist Leslie Day, and one lone guy, Joe Vincent on drums. Vincent is a former member of the punk group the Devil Dogs, also from New York.

The Prissteens recorded a debut album with the help of producer Richard Gottehrer who has worked with the Go-Go's and Blondie. The debut album, "Scandal, Controversy & Romance", hit the store shelves in 1998. It holds party tracks like "The Hound," "Let Me Run Wild," and "What's She Got." Some of the tunes have been compared to those from groups like the Kinks, the Runaways, and the Ramones..." AMG

bat29 a dit…

Great post by a great band! Saw them a few times and they were always great. I have a couple of live shows I am gonna post on my blog someday. Thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

hello! I love your blog! I run a label called Savage Beat! here in australia. I put together the Do The Pop! compilations which you've probably heard of, and have 2 more coming early next year. in meantime I'm soon to release a new hitmen 2CD set of demos and live stuff from 78/79. The hitmen of course were an off shoot of Radio birdman. It would be great ig you could advertise this - with a link to Citadel site (they're doing mailourder). I'll happily send you a coy when it's out. Please email me on davel@shock.com.au. Cheers, Dave Laing

Anonyme a dit…

Un groupe qui reprend Whole Wide World et sort des trucs du calibre de Scandal, Controversy & Romance ne peut pas être mauvais... et cet album est super !!! (Ouais, on sent bien les Go-Go's, y a pas d'doute... et c'est bon, quoi !)
Merci, merci, merci.


Anonyme a dit…

joe vincent
swingin neckbreakers

yellow card !

Anonyme a dit…

SAVAGE BEAT rock on !

do the pop redux !!

fantastic sound & booklet !

1000 thx

Anonyme a dit…

to dave laing

why not
the passengers
the visitors
or reedition of fabulous
7" citadel collection
on savage beat ?

Anonyme a dit…

I never saw the Devil Dogs live, but I caught the Pristeens a couple times.
Viva Mighty Joe Vincent!