JEFF DAHL - Wicked

JEFF DAHL Wicked cd 1992
Lisa's World / Look At You / The Face Of An Angel / Just Like They Should / Radio Babylon / Tonight / Forever / Arizona / Just A Little Bit More / Real High School Romance / The Moon Upstairs / Wicked.
Produced By Jeff Dahl.
Jeff Dahl: lead & backing vocals, rhythm,lead,bass guitars, percussion / D. Nazworthy: drums / J. Duffy & B. Duff: bass / J. Manikoff: piano / J. Pina, A. Wichmann, P. Moser III & R. Agnew: lead guitar / M. Vammen: organ / T. Adolescent,Cadena,Montana,Brandenburg & M. Ridley: backing vocals.
Released in 1992, "Wicked" is the sixth album by Jeff Dahl but his third solo album after the excellent "Ultra Under"! It contains eleven rock & raw originals & one cover: "The Moon Upstairs" from Mott The Hoople's "Brain Capers".
"...Jeff Dahl cut "Wicked" with a lot of the same people and no hint of change in approach from "Ultra Under" — and it's just as good.The studio cast includes drummer Dave Nazworthy (of Chemical People) and guitarist Paul Cutler (45 Grave/Dream Syndicate). Amid such generic originals as "Lisa's World," "Real High School Romance" and "Radio Babylon," Dahl shifts his choice of covers a little by doing "The Moon Upstairs" from Mott the Hoople's 1972 Brain Capers. Piano continues to be a useful element: John Manikoff's addition to the full-power "Just Like They Should" does the deed here..." Source
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JEFF DAHL "Wicked"

Jeff Dahl is an American musician. Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1955, but in 1960 the Dahl family relocated to Hawaii. Jeff recorded his first single, Rock N Roll Critic, in 1977 and it was released on the Doodley Squat label. Since then Jeff served time in Vox Pop (Germs, 45 Grave & Dream Syndicate members) , The Angry Samoans (1985, stepped in for "Metal" Mike Saunders), and Powertrip as well as playing & recording with Dead Boys' legend Cheetah Chrome and ex-Adolescents Rikk Agnew.

There are approximately 26 full length albums released (Studio, live, bootlegs, Best Of collections), and in the neighborhood of 100 7" singles. Some are in print, some are not. Jeff has done extensive touring and studio production work in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Daniel a dit…

Got this one on CD and I just like to tell that the only cover in this album is "The moon upstairs": "Tonight" is not the MC5 song: Thanks for sharing!! Un saludo macanudo from Spain.


You're right Daniel, I have not check mea culpa ...
"Tonight" is a Jeff Dahl's song !

Anonyme a dit…

pas de pardon
tu dois payer ton erreur !
du ROCK N ROLL !!!!!

bon choix quand meme !!!



J'ai pas ré-écouté le cd et comme Allmusic.com donnait "Tonight" comme cover du MC5...
Toujours croiser l'info!
Bien fait pour moi ! Travail trop rapide !
Je vais réciter 3 MC5, 3 Jeff Dahl et trois Dolls ce soir avant de me coucher!
Mais celà rachètera-t-il mon innommable erreur,ô grand GéGé77, heu GG77* ?

*Faudrait voir à réduire les pseudos Mr D., on s'y retrouve plus !!!

Anonyme a dit…

grande jeff !!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks Midnight Rambler. Jeff Dahl is definitely one of the Kings of RocknRoll.