THE VIBRATORS - Vicious Circle

THE VIBRATORS Vicious Circle cd 1989
No Getting Over You / Poll Tax Blues / I Don't Wanna Fall° / Rocket Ride To Heaven* / Count On Me / Slow Death° / Fire / Halfway To Paradise / Ruby's Gotta Heart / Don't Trust Anyone** / No Mercy° / Work.
Produced by The Vibrators & S. Nunn.
The Vibrators: Knox: vocals & guitar / M. Duncan: bass, guitar, lead vocals on*, backing vocals/ N. Bennett: guitar, keyboards, backing vocals / Eddie: drums, percussion, vocals on **, backing vocals + M. Owen: guitar on **, Tony Oliver (Inmates): guitar on °.
One of punk rock's longest running bands, the Vibrators emerged from the UK punk scene in 1976 and quickly found themselves sharing the stage with such notable acts as the Sex Pistols. Their initial releases were minor hits in England, and the band was able to weather frequent lineup changes, which started with bassist Pat Collier's exit in 1977, until 1980 when the band called it quits. But, as with most UK punk acts, reformation was in the cards. The original lineup came back together in 1982 and released the LPs "Guilty" and "Alaska 127".
The original lineup of Knox (Ian Carnochan), Pat Collier, John Ellis, and Eddie was hit again with more turnover during the 1980s and 1990s. By the time of the band's 20th anniversary, Mickie Owen (guitar), Mark Duncan (bass), Nigel Bennett (guitar), Darrell Bath (guitar), and Nick Peckham (bass) had all been associated with the Vibrators. In 1999, the more stable three-piece lineup of the band made their way across America with fellow punk veterans the Misfits, the Exploited or the U.K. Subs.
Just after "Recharged" & "Metldown" both recorded in 1988, the Vibrators released "Vicious Circle" in 1989 with Nigel Bennett of the Members on guitar and Mark Duncan (Dogs D'amour, Fallen Angels, Crybabies) on bass.This is an underrated (good!) rockin' album mixing powerpop and punk. The band covered "Halfway To Paradise" and one of my favorite songs : the Groovies' "Slow Death"! In 1995, Anagram released "Vicious Circle/Meltdown" which contained the two complete albums by the Vibrators on one compact disc.
Despite health problems in 2009, Knox still leads the Vibrators. Check (& buy!) their last two albums: "Garage Punk" & "Under the Radar" here !!!
Knox's website here !

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THE VIBRATORS: "Vicious Circle"

Despair was one of the bands Knox was in before The Vibrators, roughly 1973-5
Tracks for this can now be found on iTunes and Spotify & on US label Cleopatra Records !

Knox's 1983 solo album "Plutonium Express" now on CD (plus extra tracks), is available at: www.punkrockshop.com, this is a pretty good album. Knox is also in the process of trying to sell this album to a record company...

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J'adore Vibrators!