THE DRAGONS - Cheers To Me

THE DRAGONS Cheers To Me cd 1998
Loaded / I Don't Mind / Fade / In Between And Far Away / Je Suis / Needs / Blackout / Bug / Saturday Nite Up 'N' Downs / Red Fox Room / Tiger Subleties / Campus Avenue / Losing Game / 2nd Afterthought / Back Where We Started.
The Dragons: M. Escovedo: vocals, guitar / K. Horne: lead guitar / S. Rodriguez: bass guitar / J. Lucas: drums.
The Dragons began back in 1991 in San Diego California. Three months later after playing the first of 11 South By Southwest Music Conference Showcases the band released a Vinyl E-P called "X" for a label in Spain called Impossible Records. A year later they followed with a single for Poptone records which put them on the map in San Diego. In 1996 the Dragons Recorded "Painkiller" for Scam-O-Rama records owned by the infamous "InebriaTED" who discovered the band as writer for Flipside Magazine in Los Angeles. Two years later in The Dragons signed a deal with Junk Records from Long Beach with Louie Carus and the "Black Devil" himself and released "Cheers To Me", "R.L.F" and "Kamikaze" in three consecutive years. They followed that with a Japanese Only Release "The Dragons" (If someone have and wants to share it...) and toured Japan (Kenny's Homeland). In 2003 The Dragons signed with Gearhead Records with the "Master Mechanic himself" Mike LaVella and Michelle Haunold and released "Sin Salvation" and then followed that with a remixed and remastered "RockNRoll Kamikaze". The Dragons have toured with The Wildhearts, Guitar Wolf, The Hellacopters, Riverboat Gamblers, B-Movie Rats, Gaza Strippers, The Demons, The Black Halos, The Spitfires, and many more... Shared Bills with The Supersuckers, The Backyard Babies, Rocket From The Crypt, The Muffs, The Zeros... Source
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THE DRAGONS "Cheers To Me"

I am looking for the Dragons 7'' EP called "X" for (Impossible Records) and for the Japanese-only release album "The Dragons": if someone wants to rip the both (flac or 320 if possible) welcome !

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vachement bien ctruk MrMR

bon choix comme dhab

PS :
sin salvation (gearhead rds)
R*L*F (junk rds)

dani b a dit…

The Dragons...all the records are great!

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i hate filesonic

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Filesonic SUCKS!!!!! I ALWAYS get a "link expired" message.......

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Agreed. Filesonic = rubbish!

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Filesonic works well for me