ELECTROCUTES - Steal Yer Lunch Money

ELECTROCUTES Steal Yer Lunch Money cd 1999
Daquiri Jacquerie / Solamente Tu / Assmar / Sno-Cap / Kitchen Floor / Eggnog / Futbol / Miller / Pink Piggies / Doombuggy / Eaga Beava / Hell No / Jasmean / En La Boca.
Electrocutes: M. Ford: bass / T. Castellano: drums / A. Robertson: guitar / B. Anderson: vocals.

In high school, the future members of female punk rockers the Donnas were known as the Electrocutes, and actually recorded an album that was never released during that initial band's existence. Three years after the fact, in 1999, Sympathy for the Record Industry saw fit to exhume "Steal Yer Lunch Money" from the vaults in the wake of the Donnas' breakthrough to a cult indie audience. The Electrocutes don't quite compare to the Donnas, as the group's musical skills were still in the gestational period; still, one cannot deny a certain Ramones-meet-the Shaggs appeal to the proceedings, sloppy though they may get. Source

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ELECTROCUTES "Steal Yer Lunch Money"

The pre Donnas...it's very difficult to hear the future Donnas in this stuff!!!Take it like a testimony...
Definitely not a favorite of mine !

Anonyme a dit…

They very cool! many thanks for ELECTROCUTES and fhanx for megaupload!