THE SHOUTLESS Out Of Reach lp 1985
Out Of Reach / 1-2-5 / Move / Pretty Big Mouth / Downhill Run / Mr.Nobody / Sweet Young Thing / Insane* / I Tell No Lies* / Change My Ways*.
*bonus tracks
Produced by The Laughing Stewbummers.
The Shoutless: J. Liljekvist: guitar, vocals / L. Gustafsson: bass & vocals / Dr Krause: guitar & vocals / M. Rosen: drums & percussion.
"THE SHOUTLESS is probably the most unfamous band from Sweden today. Hailing from Solna, the now semi-legendary place outside Stockholm, and maybe THE centre of todays so called garagemusic, they have been going for more than four years now. A few line-up changes has taken place as the years have passed by, but today the quartet is made up of the following four: Janne Liljekvist. Guitar and vocals. 23 years old, and a filmstudent when the music don..t claim all his daily hours. Loves The Hollies, would you believe that while listening to to the frenzy lead guitar on "BABY COME ON"? Lasse Gustafsson. Bass and vocals. 22 years old student. Have been a member of The Shoutless since the beginning. When he..s not on stage with the rest of the band, you might find him on the back of his horse somewhere in the backwoods outside of Stockholm. Doctor Krause. Guitar and vocals. 24 years old and a student like the two above. Have played guitar for years and years, and although he really doesn..t enjoy any records, there is a possibility of making him speak quite nicely about artists like Ry Cooder and The Cramps. Matte Rosén. Drums. 21 years old. Spends his daily hours as a truckdriver, while hitting the skins at night. Started his career many years ago as a drummer in several punk-bands, but plays anything from rockabilly to whereever THE SHOUTLESS might take him. THE SHOUTLESS has been represented on vinyl before. Their very first 45, called "INSANE", had just about everybody in ecstasy, both in Sweden and abroad, from the local "Solna-Sundbybergstidningen" to internationally known mags like "Bucketfull of Brains". A mini-LP followed, where the titletrack "OUT OF REACH" is as highly regarded as "INSANE"..." Willy B. Source

Cd artwork by Max!

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THE SHOUTLESS "Out Of Reach" mini lp 1985

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Thank you very much for this fantastic record. Great revival.