EDDIE RAY PORTER - 3 [Letter to Mary]

EDDIE RAY PORTER 3 [Letter to Mary] cd 1991 New Rose
When The Wheels Touch Down / In My Dream / Bring Me Forever / Dear Mary /Tomorrow Came Today / About Her / I Don't Believe You / God Song / Shout Into The Light / I My Eyes / Evensong.
Produced by T. Mallon & E. R. Porter.
E. R. Porter: guitar, keyboards, vocals / Vudi: guitar / T. Mallon: guitar, bass, drums / C. Gillingham: keyboards / L. Dekker, A. Paolo & S. Siegrist: bass / L. Beary: drums.
An Atlanta native, Eddie Ray Porter grows up listening to Dylan. It's in San Francisco, via NYC, that he starts his singer/songwriter career, at the beginning of the 80's. Also influenced by Television, B. Springsteen & Van Morrison, his music is successively dark, passionate and bright... E. R. Porter (like his friend Steve Wynn from the Dream Syndicate) is one of the beautiful losers of Eighties' American songwriting.
Eddie Ray Porter recorded three albums for New Rose records. "When the Morning Falls" in 1987 (lp only) produced by Chuck Prophet (Green On Red), "Dance On The Earth" in 1988 followed by "Letter To Mary" in 1991. He also appears with the song "Wishing"on "Everyday Is a Holly Day" , the New Rose tribute to Buddy Holly.

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Anonyme a dit…

Has someone news about this great artist ?

Anonyme a dit…

Are you going to publish the other albums of this great artist ?
Thanx in advance


Yes I will rip the second lp but I don't have the first.

angelo a dit…

the first "When The Morning Falls" was coupled on a CD with the second "Dance On The Earth". (New Rose cd)