THE ZILLIONAIRES - The Zillionaires

THE ZILLIONAIRES The Zillionaires cd 1999 Pelado rcds 320 kbps
Everything's Coming Up Bruises /Go To School / Holly, Beth, Mary Jo And Me / I'm A Jinx / Girl From Planet Cool / Braindead / Nice Guy Syndrome / Lack of Couth / Up To My Neck In You / Have Some Fun / I'm Not One / Teenage Heartattack / Dum Rock 'n' Roll / Throw A Fit.
Produced by Jeff Dahl.
The Zillionaires : Dave : drums / Mike :bass / Aaron : guitar, vocals.
The Zillionaires' debut long-player is a big, bad, rowdy, ferocious rock record that slams and smashes to the tune of a killer beat . Primitive, trashy fun may not be trendy, but it remains a vital piece of american tradition ! To allow it to die would be a tragedy !

Listen to this recording. What's the first quality of the Zillionaires that grabs you by the throat ? That's right - ENERGY ! The Zillionaires have no desire to create your easy listening soundtrack. They have come to get in your face and compel you to move! And unlike the cast of thousands of bands now tearing up the commercial charts , this rock outfit can back up its monster riffs with quality tunes!
Forget about money ! Forget about fame! It's the music that matters! Soaked in Little Richard's sweat and Iggy's blood, the sonic assault of Utah greatest rock and roll band is headed straight for your eardrums - and your soul, too ! J. Rutledge, Now Wave Magazine.

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