MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES - Fuck off and die !

MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES Fuck off and die cd 2003 320 kbps
Whipped cream / I wanna sex your mama / Born to rock / Pussycat / (For ever) Mystik motorcycles / Bad boys black leather / All I need / Hot 16 / Slave 4 me / Glam for fame / I wanna sex your mama (video).
Produced by J. Levrett.
Mystik Motorcycles : R. Gordon : lead vocals & lead guitar / R. 'Mustang' Hässler : bass & backing vocals / S. Aaron Levy : drums & backing vocals / B. 'Stone' Rockett : rhythm guitar & backing vocals / R. 'Rose' Virago : guitar .
'The MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES are an amazing band from France that have recently relocated to Montreal. The first time that I saw them was at L'Escogriffe last February and I was totally blowned away! I just couldn't believe how refreshing it was to blend old school rock n' roll with a real glam punk attitude. I was very impressed and excited because I had never heard something like that before. This type of band is exactly what the music industry was waiting for in a long time and they are now based in my hometown. Rondelius Gordon's vocals are very wild and unique and the band members are all outstanding musicians with a genuine bad boy attitude. I just wanted to share my excitment about this band and their music. If you ever get the chance to see the MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES live, don't miss it! They are definitely the new talk of the town! ' P. Chica
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MYSTIK MOTORCYCLES Fuck off and die 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & if you don't leave comments f... and d.. ,ah ah ah!

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thanks. fun stuff. i'll still f and d, though as that's my style.