THE LA DONNAS - Shady Lane

THE LA DONNAS Shady Lane cd 1996 320 kbps
No way to treat a lady / Junkman / O Donna / The invasion / Dirty bird / Feel the pain / Death of Beewak / Long legs / Bring it on by / Counter unload / She pays the rent / Wake me / The scene's gonna get you tonight .
Produced by Conrad Uno & the La Donnas.
THE LA DONNAS : Roscoe LaDonnahue : vocals & guitars / Stanton LaDonnahue : bass / Benson LaDonnahue : guitar / Daniel LaDonnahue : drums + Conrad Uno : organ
This is the first album, after their 1995 ep "Ladonnaland", from Denver-based indie punk rockers the La Donnas , produced by Conrad Uno in 1996 . Features 13 tracks including two covers , 'Angry Samoans 'Death Of Beewak' & "She pays the rent" by Lyres mainman , Jeff Conolly . The quartet returned two years later with "Rock You All Night Long" and in 2001 for their last record "Complicated fun" always on Scooch Pooch records !
Roscoe L. (Ross Kersten) is always rockin' with the Mochines : a high voltage rock'n'roll trio . Their second lp is out now on Nicotine records . Buy it here !

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THE LA DONNAS Shady Lane 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & buy the Last Mochines lp !

babbler a dit…

This a fabulous record....but I think 'Rock you all night long' is better.

Anonyme a dit…

merci mr MR

babbler send it if better
thx in advance

babbler a dit…

Here is 'Rock You All Night Long' a killer album.
plus loving The Mochines also .

Anonyme a dit…

can you upload this again?