THE WILD KINGS - Down at wild kingdom

SINGLES THE WILD KINGS Down at wild kingdom / Career of evil sp 2004 Wild kingdom Rcds wav
Produced by Chips K.
The Wild Kings : R. Eriksson : drums /M. Karlsson : lead vocals, rhythm guitar / C. Kiesbye : lead vocals, lead guitar / H. Kiviaho : lead vocals, bass.
Guests on A side : backing vocals : O. Bengtsson, C. von Schewen , H. Walse & N. Royale / Percussion : J. Wall /On B side : O. Ahlgren : lead vocals.

Chips K . : "I came up with the name "Wild Kings" minutes before we went on stage so the other guys were a bit surprised when I introduced us. They didn't know we were a "real band" with a name. I also wrote the lyrics to "Down at Wild kingdom" a couple of minutes before we went on. It was all very spontaneous".... "This was actually the start of the "Wild Kings" but it wasn't planned to be anything more than a one-off thing. But the guys at the club asked us if we could be the house band".
Heikki : "Since we had such a great time and all of us really worked together musically we said yes. I don't know how often we will do this. You don't want to turn into a professional cover band. We'll do it as longs as it's fun for us".

Chips K. , H. Kiviaho of Sator & R. Eriksson of the Hellacopters were involved in this side band !Only one single was recorded in 2004 by the Wild Kings on the Wild Kingdom label ! The A side sounds like a 'copters classic & the b side is a cover of the great Blue Öyster Cult tune : "Career of evil" ( A. Bouchard & Patti Smith ) recorded live in Stockholm.

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THE WILD KINGS sp 320 kbps + covers

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Capitain Poon a dit…

Thanks Patrick. Awesome!!

topper a dit…

Looking for the powerpearls compilations....do you have them ?

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Love the blog...any chance to post the King Flux 7" that Richie Stotts released after the Plasmatics?


Michael a dit…

Very cool stuff - anybody that covers early 70s BOC is OK with me!