THEE TRASH BRATS - American disaster

THEE THRASH BRATS American disaster cd 2001 320 kbps
Rocket to heaven / Imitation generation / Sentenced man / A nice girl to visit / Making it right / Hungry eyeballs / What plays your mind / Must be cocaine / The squeeky wheel gets replaced / Who put the words in your mouth / Migrant woman / Feeding the mosquitoes / Clown act / Auf weidersein.
Produced by Thee Trash Brats.
Thee Trash Brats : B.O'blivion : vocals / R. Rat : guitar / T. Romeo : bass / G. Cashew : drums.

First of all, thee Trash Brats were glam when glam wasn’t cool. Nowadays it’s certifiably chic to do the whole glam-punk/glitter-rawk thing----but “America’s only rock n’ roll band” has been true to the post-New York Dolls/Jayne County/Hollywood Brats /Joneses glamorous trash-pop legacy for a decade-and-a-half now. These dudes were suffering and sweating and struggling and bleeding for the glory of rock n’ roll back when their “look” and “sound” were still as un-cool as un-cool gets (In the late 80’s, they were too punk for the metal crowd; a decade later, they were too metal for the punk crowd). So now the hipsters are finally hip to their sort of noise, but it’s the Johnny-come-latelys who are getting all the adulation while da Brats remain overlooked, underpaid, and doomed to obscurity. Funny, eh?
Secondly, you won’t find a truer, purer rock n’ roll band than thee Trash Brats anywhere. No joke. You can neglect them all you want, but you can’t kill these guys! Every other year, they’re bound to rise from the ashes primed to rock your world, drink your booze, and savor the seedy side of life. They get points not just for super style and impeccable taste, but also for cranking out divinely awesome noise of the highest caliber. Their sonic hybrid is a straight-up blend of punk, hard rock, power pop, and old-fashioned dirty back-alley rock n’ roll. It’s equal parts Cheap Trick, Dead Boys, Dolls, and Dictators---and these fellows are so damn good that your pathetic band could only dream of rocking so mightily! They wed thunderous riffs to sticky-sweet melodies, bubblegum hooks to bitchin’ guitar solos, and anthemic choruses to gritty back-street rhythms. Their live show is legendary, their records consistently rock, and their very existence exemplifies all that’s fuckin' cool about sleazy-sweet, trashed-out rock n’ roll. If I forgot to include them in my “Best Bands of the 90’s” list, it’s only because I suck. Now wave Magazine - J. Rutledge

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THEE TRASH BRATS "American disaster" 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

I was there in the beginning, I used to work for them. This CD was the first release I wasn't involved in. The description is hilarious!!!! Very ROMANTIC!! This CD is also their weakest by far, but they wanted to go more "Rock'n'Roll". Ricky plays w/Kevin K. now and again, Toni plays w/ John Brannon of Negative Aproach fame, Brian's raising his daughter and still playing Country and Blue Grass, Craig last I heard was running a dog shelter somewhere west of Detroit........


An excellent band ! It's a pity that the band is not so much known in France ! The Brian solo albums are also very good (some songs still rocks hard) !

Anonyme a dit…

I must say I was underwhelmed by the Trash Brats' "Out of the Closet" album when I got it a couple years back.

This one is similar. It's above-average music, but I'm probably missing a lot by never having seen them live.
Oh well.
I guess some music is just "good" and not "mind-blowing."
Poor me.

PS: you have the band credited as the THRASH Brats in the title. Dunno if that was a typo or intentional. Thanks for all the good work, Midnight Rambler


I agree with you About the Trash Brats...
simply good music !
Thanks for the title, it was a the typo ...