JOHNNY THUNDERS - In cold blood / Diary of a lover

JOHNNY THUNDERS In cold blood / Diary of a lover Maxi 45 t/ mini lp 1983 New Rose / PVC records wav
In cold blood* / Just another girl* / Green onions°/ Diary of a lover° / Look in my eyes° / Endless party*.
Produced by Jimmy Miller & Johnny Thunders.
* Recorded at Downtown recorders - Boston, 1983 - Johnny Thunders : guitar, vocals & bass / Billy Rogers : drums / Joe Mazzari : guitar on "Endless party" / Simon Ritt : accoustic guitar & harmonica on "Endless party".
° Recorded at Euphoria Sound Studios , Revere, Mass. - Johnny Thunders : guitar, vocals & bass / Walter Lure : guitar / Billy Rogers : drums / Simon Ritt ,
Keith Chagnon : percussion / Carl Biancucci : additional bass on "Green onions" / Terry, Marie & gang : handclaps.

"On the other hand, the "In Cold Blood" EP is actually far more rewarding and in itself worthy of a 7* award, I reckon. The title track is another of his Greatest Hits with its degrading grind capturing the sneer of Johnny's street-life. Similarly, a brutish cover of the staple of any rock'n'roll diet - "Green Onions" - underlines Johnny's role in bringing rock'n'roll down to its dirtiest and most debauched, without losing any of the authenticity. Another semi-Greatest Hit is included in the form of the deceptively sentimental ballad "Diary of a Lover". Indeed, the five song EP perfectly captures Johnny's whole shtick in a convenient microcosm. Even with genuine punk now a distant memory Johnny was still able to do his own thing without being tainted with the condemnation of irrelevancy. The fact is, though, five new studio songs in five years simply is not adequate reward for his fans' loyalty". source

This is the studio material from the "In Cold Blood" sessions. The order of the tracks has changed and there is the added track 'Endless Party'. This LP was released by JEM Records just before they went bankrupt so it's hard to find now.
Part 2 here !

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JOHNNY THUNDERS "In cold blood/Diary of a lover" wav + covers

This post is dedicated to the "J. Thunders lyonnais" !

Enjoy it & blah blah blah !

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Thanks a lot...much appreciated.
Thunders will allways be on my top ten list...SONS OF THE DOLLS Rocks big time!!!!
Best Danny.

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There is a Johnny Thunders tribute on this album...



Thanks ! I download it now ...