DOLLHOUSE - The Basement Takes

DOLLHOUSE The Basement Takes 10'' 2005
What You Want / The New Land Of The Free / I'm A Man On The Move / Bang Bang Bang C'Mon Baby / Blowing My Mind / All my Luck Is Gone .
Produced by Dollhouse.
Dollhouse are a classic rock band with heavy soul & blues influences hailing from Sweden.They have recorded three very good albums "Rock'n'roll Circus", "Royal Rendez-vous" & "Rock'n'Roll Revival" & a few collectible singles with nice cover artwork...
"Brother Michael Davis (Low-end Minister, Holy Parish of the Motor City Five) has pronounced that Dollhouse are “what the MC5 wished we could sound like. Maybe the fact that we didn’t grow up in the 1990s in a small town in Sweden was the problem.”
It is indeed strange that Dollhouse grew up in 90s Sweden and ended up sounding like speed-fuelled revolutionaries at the arse-end of the 60s. But life, like rock’n’roll, is weird like that." Classic rock
On this 10' you can find a collection of songs from the first album and some unpublished songs.
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Capitain Poon a dit…

Thanks again Patrick!!

Good work!!

Anonyme a dit…

GREAT post !!!


THx Max M.R. (rough team)

Andreas a dit…

Do you have the new album? Can't find it anywhere!!!

Andreas a dit…

You beautiful man! Thanks!

Arthur Rambo a dit…

Thank you so much for posting this!!!

fuxarko a dit…

Merci pour ce premier opus d'un groupe qui réinvente l'énergie sans dommages écologiques.

Grand, grand!


chris winter a dit…


Chris of Dollhouse here..
First thanks for the PR you are doing for my band!

I would be very thanksfull if you could change the amount of songs on this tracklist and not give away the complete record.

Would be cool if you wanted to link my blogg aswell.Maybe we can co-operate when i get some songs finished with my new band?

Thanx alot! /chris


Hi Chris,
Thanks for the comments !
I'm sorry for Dollhouse but happy that you already work on a new project.
What's about the new 7''?
I will link your blog on the right part of SOTD just near Machine Gun Thompson Blog ...
It would be cool to review your new stuff when you want!
Cheers from France

chris winter a dit…

Hi thats cool!
Sorry for my late reply!

I got some news about my new stuff up now! Ratboy wrote an article on his page too. Mail me if you want more info about my new stuff!

chris winter a dit…

Hi thats fine!

mail me if you want more info of my new stuff!