SPEEDBUGGY Cowboys and aliens 2000 Cargo Music/Headhunter 320 kbps
GTO / Big blue sky / Somewhere in America / Movin' on / Cowboy town /Laronger / Nevada / On the top of the world / All tore up / Live through this pain / I won't be near / 10 years

Speedbuggy :
Timbo : vocals, guitar, mandolin
B. Sloan : bass, vocals
G. "Elroy" Mc Mullen : pedal Steel , guitar, vocals
P. Muzingo : drums

Speedbuggy USA is a road band bent on coalescing American roots rock with the younger generation, a sound derivative of hard times, blue-collar life and endless tours around the world.
Though without turning their backs on traditional country completely, Speedbuggy USA mingles of California twang with some Buck Owens, the country-rock of the Band, late 60’s era Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, and more recent Joe Strummer. And with the famous Texas Outlaw honky-tonk movement, they’ve made it difficult to exclude the parallels evoked when matching newer kinds of Roots-Alt Country and Rockabilly.
The songs drip with pomade sweat, and through the haunting passion of Timbo’s voice, Sloan’s bass tones, McMullen’s traditional-yet-modern pedal steel and Muzingo’s persevering backbeats, lies a quality of emotional extremes relative to peering out a window on a cross-country road trip and seeing different faces all sharing a similar personal struggle.

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Speedbuggy USA Cowboys and aliens 320 kbps + complete covers

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Anonyme a dit…

Salut et merci, particulièrement pour
les Stilletos et Strychnine.

Je me permets une demande :
c'est bientot Noel, alors quelqu'un
aurait -il le 45t des Fêlés, Rouge comme le sang / Mon lycée ?

Ronnie Oyseaux