BILL HURLEY with Johnny Guitar Double Agent 1985 Inside Tracks 320 kbps

Reconsider me / Double agent / My whole world ended / Midnight / You left the water running / Gimme gimme good lovin' / Where'd he get the idea / Let's start all over again / What is this ? / Party , party / Allright on the night / La Grange (Bonus track)

Un des deux albums solos de Bill Hurley , le chanteur des Inmates ! Attention d'ailleurs ; fans des Inmates ! Ce lp est très différent de la musique du groupe bien qu'on y retrouve leur guitariste Peter Gunn ! Différent aussi du rock costaud des Count Bishops malgré la présence de Johnny Guitar ! Il s'agit ici de rhythm'n' blues ! Avec ballades , cuivres , claviers et voix de crooner chavirante ... Un très bon album au demeurant !

Great covers always made by Max !

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Bill Hurley Double Agent
320 kbps + nice covers by Mister "this time it was very hard with the back" wonderful Max !
Link :

Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

If anyone has Mr.Hurley's Angel to Memphis, it would be greatly appreciated...


Hey "Anonyme" ...Yo can take Angel To Memphis on my blog ...Just add it ...Here's the link


Happy new year with good Rock'n'roll

Anonyme a dit…

Can you pleas reupload : the link doesn't work anymore
Thanks & Long live to your fabulous blog !!!


The link works now !

Anonyme a dit…

Hello my friend, Can you please reupload, the link doesn´t work anymore

Thanks and Greetings

Anonyme a dit…

Hello my friend, Can you please reupload, because the link don't work...

Thanks and Greetings