THE BARRACUDAS - Wait For Everything

THE BARRACUDAS Wait for everything 1989 Shake/Houlala 320 kbps

I thought you sounded that way yesterday / Throwin' it all away / Can't get away from you / Wait for everything /Outside my door / One from the heart / She's alive / It don't matter now / Burke & Wills / I' m the one / The best years .
Produced by Andy Shernoff
The Barracudas 1989 are :
J. Gluck : lead vocals
R. Wills : guitar , backin' vocals
S. Robinson : bass , backin' vocals
J. Posner : drums , backin' vocals
+ Additional backin' vocals by the Surfin Lungs

In May, 1989, Bucketfull Of Brains ran an article announcing that Wills and Gluck were writing songs again and that the Barracudas would be getting back together. When asked in that feature why this was the right time for a reunion, Wills said "The main reason is that I can relate to Jeremy again – it’s been a long time since I could. We managed to get back together, first through humor and then music".
Wills had been on tour in Italy with the Fortunate Sons when that band split up, and he was staying at the house of a girl who had a copy of Drop Out With The Barracudas, which they gave a spin. "I thought great, why can’t we be that good again?", said Wills in that Bucketfull article. "The idea was to try and get back some of that freshness, but we realize that we can’t emulate what we were when we were 19."
The new band featured former Fortunate Sons bassist Steve Robinson and at first had a friend of Steve’s named Rick Sigmund as drummer. They cut 3 demos with this lineup in February and 3 more in May, but Rick was quickly replaced with Jay Posner., who for my money was the best drummer they ever had. It seemed that interest in the band hadn’t waned much while they were gone, and many people were really excited when they reformed. I asked Jeremy whether that counted for much in the re-union plans. "It was not really a motivator", he replied. "I figured we had been forgotten and was surprised when I found out we had not been."
"I had not seen Robin nor Steve for some long time. I had done my stuff with Nikki Sudden and was coming out of active commitment to music, in fact, writing a lot for Sounds, wife & kids, etc. And then one evening Steve calls and says (he was sharing a place with Robin at the time), "Look, we was thinking, listening to Drop Out etc. It sounds hot...we want to reform the band!" And I was kinda, "Let me sleep on it...!" I was still half in denial about the whole 'cudas thing, about breaking up prematurely and blowing it, about how dorky some of our output had been. But I knew I would do it...it's in the blood. So we met and rehearsed and it rocked. And that was that."
The Barracudas signed to Canadian indie Shake! who tested the market for decade old fish bands by releasing the single "I Thought You Sounded That Way Yesterday" with "Remember" on the flip in January of 1991, but it wasn’t until February of 1992 that there was finally a new full length Barracudas release…nearly 3 years after they decided to get back together. But the result justified the wait, and maybe that explains the title of the new CD. Produced by Andy Shernoff (although he isn’t credited), Wait For Everything was one of the most convincing reunion efforts I’ve ever heard, and probably my favorite Barracudas long player. It has a fabulous batch of tunes; the title track, the nostalgic "I Thought You Sounded That Way Yesterday", the slinky, driving "Outside My Door", the anthemic pair of "Throwin’ It All Away" an on any other Barracudas effort. Robin Wills, who always wrote the majority of Barracudas tunes, turns in his best set ever here. And his guitar playing brings that 12 string Byrds jangle firmly into the post-punk era; this is where California rock should have headed in the early 70s when it somehow detoured into the Eagles. There’s that "Chestnut Mare" sort of feel mixed with a power that the Byrds could never have matched given the equipment and production values of their day.

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