TRASH BRATS - Songs In The Key of FU

TRASH BRATS Songs In The Key of FU cd 2000 320 kbps
L'il chilhood dreams / Cubscout dropout / Dear Abby / If I was god / I feel alright (1970) / Suit of armour / Ronald isn't fun (no more) / Teen suicide story / Little me in you / Sleep of fools / 3873 Marlborough St / Firework girl / I wanna be in cartoons / Late-nite thriller / Somedays it's too late / Start over again / My jangle trust / You hate me and I hate you / Gas boy / Slap happy / You threw me away / Downtown nowhere.

Trash Bats : Brian O'Blivion : vocals / Ricky Rat : guitar / Toni Romeo : bass / T.T. Barr : drums + former members include : Craig Cashew, Jimmy Vegas, Matt Smash, Adam Bomb, Jay Jones : drums / Steve Davignon : bass.
"With their cross-dressing antics and Poison-esque fashion sense, the Trash Brats exhibited their early-'70s glam rock influences, but there's a lot more New York Dolls power pop to them than pretty boy mischief. No flaming guitar solos and no wannabe "evil" sounding horror undertones (although the vocals are reminiscent of Alice Cooper) -- just dirty, catchy rock & roll." Allmusic
"The year is 1987. Imagine it. Punk rock is just a pipe dream for most, as it couldn’t even last past 1980. Hardcore punk has quickly developed into punk’s mortal enemy, metal ... and prissy hair rock has taken over MTV. Bands like Poison act like they are doing the New York Dolls a service by dressing up like girls, but it’s just a chance to cash in. Yet, out of the anti-glam town of Detroit, four makeup-wearing miscreants bring the fury of the Dolls' cheeky rock ‘n’ roll. Meet the Trash Brats. Capitalizing on a formula of Chuck Berry R&B, the Buzzcocks pop and The Dickies' sense of humor, the Trash Brats became one of Detroit's biggest bands. They would ultimately release five full-length albums and play hundreds of shows over their initial 13-year run. " E. Allen
"What can you say about the Trash Brats ? In a time when it's cool to play rock'n'roll again these guys never stopped. After 13 years of playing rock & roll they have seen more than most would want to.
Having their neighbors torch their house to the ground , having their house robbed by drug dealers, having friends get shot and killed, even sued by a stalker. They have done most everything with the exception of selling out and being fake.
One thing these guys have never gotten or seen is the succes they rightfully deserve. Too punk for rock and too rock for punk...
You have to give the Brats credit. They have never compromised themselves to fit the current mold of what's trendy. Is it a coincidence that all these other so called rock bands look and sound the same ? No, they're just too pussy to do anything different. The Trash Brats have never cared about that. They dyed their hair unusual colors and strutted the drag look back when it was unheard of. It's funny seeing bands do it now when it's "safe"... If you think you've got balls try wearing a dress in a city full of auto workers...
So here are a collection of Trash Brats songs recorded from '87-'98 , hope you enjoy it !
For those who have never heard of the Trash Brats may your loss be your lesson..." M. Dedell - Liner Notes

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THE TRASH BRATS "Songs in the key of FU" 320 kbps + covers

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Johnny a dit…

Great Fucking Band!!

Johnny a dit…

Great Band!

Anonyme a dit…

Shit, I worked for 'em back in the '80s 'til early '90s..... some of the shit I saw!!!!!!