SOME ACTION EP cd 2004 320 kbps
Drawing Blood / Hurt Tonight / Gotta Know / Pillow Talk / Some Action.
Produced by C. Zane.
Some Action : I. Magee : vocals / E. Campbell : vocals, guitar / J. Gatlang : bass / Z. Shaw : drums.
Broken bottles, broken instruments, broken bones, broken hearts -- the only thing Some Action might ever fix is rock and roll. They're outlaws in a city where dancing and smoking are illegal, outcasts in a genre where style shines over substance and outnumbered by faux fashion bands full of retro rockers. And yet, here they are: the kids have spoken, the beer has been spilled, many of us have been waiting for this but few are prepared. The tale of Some Action's formation is byzantine and boozy, but all members escaped their own version of suburban hell to make big, rotten noise in the Big Rotten Apple. Guitarist E. Campbell learned what it meant to 'live free or die' in New Hampshire while it was more of a 'skate or die' situation for bassist J. Gatland in Long Island. Singer I. Magee came to town via the streets of Baltimore while drummer Z. Shaw headed downstate from the rock star retirement home of Woodstock. After a few introductions and more than a few drinks, the band suddenly found itself blazing a path of rock and roll desctruction from depths of dive bars to the velvet ropes of VIP rooms. With explosive and unpredictable live shows, Some Action quickly built a buzz that rivals most inhalant benders. Besides numerous shows with their good friends in The Star Spangles, the band has played alongside The Weirdos, 999, Detroit Cobras, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Little Killers and The Witnesses, to name a few. Like a vodka shot down the wrong pipe, seeing Some Action live is an intense and intoxicating experience. Hook-heavy punk rock is delivered at top volume and velocity without a hint of jaded cynicism or plastic posing. These are the two-minute blasts of sugar and sandpaper - get your rehearsed rock histrionics elsewhere and don't bother sending us the bill for the damages. The microphone swings dangerously close your face - oh wait, that's not a microphone - while you're staring at all the splinters coming from behind the drums, wondering if a wall is collapsing. Ears pinned between blaring amplifiers, you can start to hear the punk spirit of 70's NYC resonate from three decades away. In the summer of 2003 - two years after forming - Some Action released a debut EP : five songs and several dozen cases of beer later, the group had finally captured the essence of a sound displaced by time and money: authentic rock and roll with no retro pretense. In fact, listeners report having more fun listening to the record than having sex, which either means that New York's more dead than we thought, or that Some Action is actually living up to its name. Source

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SOME ACTION EP 320 kbps + covers

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