EDDIE & THE HOT RODS - Gasoline Days

EDDIE & THE HOT RODS Gasoline Days cd 1995 320 kbps
Human Touch / Emergency / Just Do It / Love Runaway / Love Lies Blending / It's Killing Me / (Oh No) What You Gonna Do / Crazy / Gasoline Days / Love Love Love / Alive.
Produced by Eddie & The Hot Rods & S. Milton.
Eddie & The Hot Rods : B. Masters : lead & backing vocals / S. Nicol : drums / P. Gray : bass / M. Rogers : guitars, lead & backing vocals.

The band were originally formed under the name 'Buckshee' in 1973. They rehearsed in drummer Steve Nicol's garage in Rochford, Essex. Bassist Rob Steel was known by his nickname, 'The Hustler'. They changed their name to Eddie and the Hot Rods after Dave Higgs joined. He was more experienced, and it was his input at this early stage that helped them to gel and get gigs, eventually, in 1975, hitting the London pub rock circuit.They are often considered as one of the many punk rock bands that sprang from that city in the mid 1970s, but in fact saw themselves as more influenced by groups like The Who and The Kinks, and other pub rock acts such as Dr. Feelgood or Graham Parker and The Rumour. Their brand of energetic R&B was over-trumped massively by the punk explosion, and they withered away. The repertoire consisted of mainstream rock and soul covers, plus tunes in a similar vein written by the band's guitarist, Higgs. Source.
"...In 1994, the Hot Rods were offered a one-shot recording contract with the japanese record label, Creative Man Records. They re-grouped and the band made its first album in 16 years — Gasoline Days. The album was released in the UK in the spring of 1996 and in Japan..." Wikipedia

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EDDIE & THE HOT RODS "Gasoline Days" 320 kbps + covers

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