THE U.S. MARSHALLS - The U.S. Marshalls

THE U.S. MARSHALLS The U.S. Marshalls Maxi EP 1987
Brand New Today / Halley's Comet / That's That / Fell Off The Wagon / When You're Not Near.
Produced by Peter Gunn, U.S. Marshalls & L. Luddecke.
The U.S. Marshalls: K. Marshall: vocals, keyboards, guitars / K. Marshall: bass, percussion / Eddie: drums + Peter Gunn (Inmates): additional guitars
Back in the early '70s Kenny and Kevin Marshall performed just about every kind of gig imaginable. This, plus an endless number of rehearsals led to their vast repertoire of at least 2000 songs. They are continually adding new tunes, claiming that it helps to keep the creative juices flowing when composing new Marshall originals. It also keeps them from rocking off their bleedin rockers.
Brian Wilson along with the Beatles have been major influences on Kevin and Kenny's music. Playing bills with such well known acts as the Cars and Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, the U.S. Marshalls were on the vanguard of so called "New Wave" music scene.
In 1979, Bomp Records released "You Don't Care" on an anthology called "Waves" wich was made available by London Records. The song received considerable airplay and won the acclaim of Boston's demanding and discerning music critics, disc jockeys and fans. The boys soon had a sizable following in the Greater Boston area.
The next year saw the issuance of the U.S. Marshalls first 45 hit single: "You Need Some Lovin' ".
The song, produced by the venerable Arthur Baker, rode the crest of the Boston music charts for several months. Most recently the Marshall brothers (including their brother Barry) have composed a "Holiday" rock entitled "Sweet Christmas". From the early enthusiastic response it seems the song is destined to become another Christmas classic.
In Boston some folks claim the Marshall brothers are the Everly's of the 80's... a worthy and well respected Rock and Country tradition which the U.S. Marshalls intend to carry on in their future writing and harmonizing.(Taken from the Liner notes of the back cover).
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U.S. MARSHALLS "U.S. Marshalls" Maxi EP 5 songs 1987 GMG

We can't break up - we're family! Featuring Kenny, Kevin, Ellie and yours truly, here are some ditties from the Rat era when we were playing with the Cars, Real Kids, Stompers, Fox Pass, Nervous Eaters, et al. I can hear us learning how to write, sing, play and record on these tracks produced by friends Andy Paley and Arthur Baker.
More Marshalls ? "Wicked Good Music"!!!
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Thanks a bunch for this rather elusive EP by the fantastic (U.S.) Marshalls.
You're doing an amazing job here at SOTD.