SACRED COWBOYS - Trouble From Providence

SACRED COWBOYS Trouble From Providence cd 1988
Hell Sucks / Blood And Soil / Pacification Organisation / Canned Goods / 44 Blues / Sometimes / Love Factory Blues / Trouble From Providence / We Love You / Highway 61 Revisited / Nailed To The Cross° / Twisted Nerve* / Trouble From Providence (Acoustic Version) / Is Nothing Sacred* / I Am The Walrus*.
Produced by M. Ferrie & T. Doolan except ° produced by M. Armiger & Sacred Cowboys and ** produced by T. Cohen & Sacred Cowboys.
Sacred Cowboys: G. Gray: vocals / T. Doolan: guitars / M. Ferrie: guitars / N.Rischbieth: bass / S. Fidock: drums + M. Hoy (4, 8) & O. Olsen (8): backing vocals / Chris Wilson: (2, 5) / N. McCourt: organ Hammond & sitar: (3, 9) / A. Wednesday: Mirage Synthesis / J. Black: piano (3, 5).
Sacred Cowboys are an Australian rock band active live throughout the 1980s and 1990s,and 2000's.They began playing inner city Melbourne in early 1982. Gary Gray and Mark Ferrie thought of the name after watching "The Groovy Guru", an episode of the classic TV comedy series Get Smart. In it, the Groovy Guru and his rock band, the Sacred Cows, use psychedelic music to control the minds of young people. (The same episode was the inspiration for a Hoodoo Gurus song, "In The Echo Chamber" and Painters and Dockers covered Groovy Guru's "Kill Kill Kill".)
Within six months, the Sacred Cowboys signed with Mushroom Records/White Label and recorded the "Nothing Grows In Texas" single. After their performance of the song on television pop show Countdown, Molly Meldrum said: "this is the worst group I've seen in five years", a title the band wore with perverse pride.
The Cowboys Mark I also released a second single, a cover of Alex Chilton's "Bangkok", a self-titled EP on the White Label, a self-titled album on french label New Rose Rds, and a live/demo compilation named after a Rolling Stones cover, ""We Love You" on ManMade Rds.
After reforming in 1987, the Sacred Cowboys signed to Germany's Normal records and released the classic "Trouble From Providence" album. "Hell Sucks" was the hit from this album and became the Cowboys signature tune. The Sacred Cowboys began recording again in the 1990s. They released a "best of" CD EP called "Black City". The Australian edition of Rolling Stone magazine listed this as one of its Top 100 albums of the 20th century. The "Things To Come" album was released in 1996. Spencer Jones and Penny Ikinger joined Terry Doolan as the band's guitarists, both live and in the studio.
In 2005, the song "Hell Sucks" from "Trouble From Providence" was selected for Clinton Walker's compilation of classic Australian punk and post-punk music, "Inner City Sounds".
When the Cowboys reformed in August 2006, they played a series of shows in Melbourne, and put the finishing touches to the "Cold Harvest" album, which was released on Bang Records.
Founding 1982 members include Johnny Crash (drums) and Mark Ferrie (bass) who were both previously members of Melbourne pop band the Models; Terry Doolan (guitar); Andrew Picouleau (bass); and Ian Forrest (keyboards). Nick Reishbeth joined the group in 1983. In 1987 Stephan Fidock joined on drums.The band's lead singer and lyricist, Garry Gray was previously a member of The Reals (1975-76) and The Negatives (1977-79) and is the only constant in the band's history...
The 'Sacred Cowboys' ride again. G. Gray says: 'It's about time. The world is at high noon and there's gonna be a showdown.' Source: Wikipedia
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SACRED COWBOYS: "Trouble From Providence" cd 1988

During the early 1980s, Melbourne band Sacred Cowboys was one of the most confrontational live outfits around In a cruel pastiche of Leatherface in the legendary horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, lead singer Garry Gray was known for brandishing a roaring chainsaw (minus the cutting chain, of course) over the heads of audiences Ian Molly Meldrum described the Cowboys as the worst band he had encountered in five years, which instantly cemented their nefarious reputation as the local scene s enfants terribles The band s music mixed post-punk moodiness and country raunch over a mutant swamp-blues backbeat"

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