THE SKUNKS - The Skunks

THE SKUNKS The Skunks (aka the Purple Album) lp 1982
Questions For Laura / Hurt / Quiet Girl / Let's Get Twisted / For Your Love / You Really Know How To Put The Pressure On / Telewoman / Still The Same / Jesse 's Not Like The Other Boys / Gimme Some.
Produced by Earle Mankey.
The Skunks: J. Sublett: vocals, bass / D. Murray: guitar / G. Murray: drums.
The Skunks were a three-piece rock band formed in 1977 in Austin, Texas.
The band debuted in early 1978 and quickly became a mainstay of the Austin, Texas scene, playing not only venues known for having an open-minded clientele,
but clubs whose audiences crossed the spectrum, including the Armadillo World Headquarters, the Continental Club, Dukes Royal Coach, Club Foot, Liberty Lunch,
and Raul's among many others in the late 1970s and early 80s. The band's music channeled classic garage rock influences, such as The Rolling Stones and The Who with Seventies cult figures such as the New York Dolls and The Velvet Underground, infused with a powerful guitar attack and Sublett's active, up-front electric bass, The Skunks sound is best represented by songs like "Cheap Girl" and "Push Me Around", both of which appeared on the first Austin punk compilation album "Live at Raul's".
The Skunks debuted at Raul's club in February 1978. The original band members were Jesse Sublett on vocals and bass, "Fazz" Eddie Munoz on guitar and Billy Blackmon on drums. After recording their first eponymous album, the so-called "Black LP," Eddie Munoz left for Los Angeles at the end of 1978 and joined The Plimsouls. Jon Dee Graham replaced him on guitar in January 1979, thus forming the definitive Skunks lineup. Their first single release, "Earthquake Shake," was recorded for $10. Copies are known to fetch hundreds of dollars when they appear at auction.

The Skunks were inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame in 2008.
Co-Headlining their opening gig at Raul's with a band called The Violators which featured, along with Jesse Sublett, Kathy Valentine who would later join the Go-Go's, Carla Olson and Marilyn Dean. The Skunks and The Violators are generally recognized as Austin's first two punk bands and this gig as the first Austin punk show. The core fan base that formed around Raul's would provide the alternative voice in an evolving Austin music scene that would eventually call its base "The Live Music Capital Of The World," spawning the SXSW and ACL festivals. Some of the other Austin connected punk bands sprouting from this scene included The Explosives, The Dicks, The Huns, The Big Boys, Terminal Mind, Sharon Tate's Baby, and The Butthole Surfers.One of the first Austin punk bands to tour nationally, The Skunks played CBGB's in August 1979 and Max's Kansas City in 1980 and opened for such national and international acts as The Ramones , The Police, Gang Of Four, Ultravox, The Clash, John Cale, The Cramps and many others. During their sets they were often joined on stage by touring artists such as Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, Joe Ely,as well as members of The Clash, Cheap Trick and Blondie.
Founders Jesse Sublett and Eddie Munoz initially played together in the glam blues band Jelly Roll from 1975 to 1977 before recruiting Billy Blackmon and forming the initial lineup of The Skunks. After Munoz's departure in 1978 he was replaced on guitar by Jon Dee Grahm who remained with the band until the summer of 1980 and was replaced by Doug Murray, formerly of Terminal Mind. Blackmon left the band in 1982 and was replaced on drums by Doug Murray's brother, Greg Murray, a lineup that lasted only until 1983 when Jesse fired them and dissolved the band during pre-production of the band's second LP on Republic Records. The Murrays had only received a lukewarm reception from The Skunks core audience.

Austin rock critic M.Moser writes: "In Austin’s punk rock history book, the Skunks are the first page. From the time they played the original alt-rock nightspot, Raul’s, through lineup changes that eventually brought them right back to the beginning, this trio toughed it out. Bassist Jesse Sublett, guitarist Jon Dee Graham, and drummer Billy Blackmon’s muscular power punk is still as potent and danceable now as it was 20 years ago."
Jesse reunited what is considered the classic lineup of Sublett, Graham, and Blackmon in 1985 for a reunion show at Austin's Liberty Lunch. Starting in 2000 this lineup began playing annual reunion gigs at The Continental Club in Austin, Texas. Source
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THE SKUNKS "The Skunks" lp Republic Rds 1982

I bought it in Bordeaux... 29 years ago in a shop called Trash (Hello Francis)...

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Very very good. Thank you for the info and for the music. Great post.

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Encore un post fantastique. Je suis un grand adorateur des Plimsouls, et en particulier du jeu de guitare d'Eddie Munoz, grand orfèvre et pièce essentielle de ce groupe majeur. J'avais écouté son travail dans diverses collaborations mais jamais dans les Skunks: excellente power-pop. Merci beaucoup, Rambler !

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Donc je voulais en venir içi: je crois que beaucoup d'entre nous seraient partants pour écouter ce famaux "Black LP" quand E. Munoz officiait encore au sein du groupe. Si du moins, ce truc que j'imagine rare, est trouvable...


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