THE GIMMIES - Auto Shut Off...Any Questions?

THE GIMMIES Auto Shut Off....Any Questions cd 2002
Dirty Trick / Not So Easy / Sixties / Give It Up / Boys Can't Stand It / Down To Me / Pretty Flamingo / Sister's Accuse / Shakin' With Her / Beat Me Out / Till You're Down / Get It Right Now / Get Off The Phone (bonus track).
Produced by Matt, Patch & The Gimmies.
The Gimmies: Sora Shitty: vocals, guitar / Kawave: guitar, vocal / Kim: bass, backing vocal / J.J.: drums.
"From Japan comes another onslaught of in your face rock ‘n’ roll. The screaming guitars tap into the Detroit sounds of The Stooges and the MC5..."
"The Gimmies are rock action personified with screaming guitars that tap into the Detroit tradition of the Stooges & MC5 and matched by a cockiness that would put The Pretty Things to shame. Combined with their love of Australian garage rock and their English-as-a-second-language-lyrics, they twist rock music into shrapnel only matched by their Japanese brethren Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate and the King Brothers..."
"The Gimmies live are an adrenalin addiction – take the chance to plug into their power..."
This is the first album of the Gimmies recorded in 2002 on the japanese label Stars Jet Rds & with"Get Off The Phone" like bonus track ! These gentlemen have good taste, for sure...
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THE GIMMIES "Auto Shut Off...Any Questions?" cd 2002
Thanks to Mr D.!!!

Anonyme a dit…


merci monsieur !!

cheers & rock'n'roll


Daniel a dit…

Get off the phone, nobodys home!!!!! Thanks!!

Rafa Ramone a dit…

awesome album