HIDDEN CHARMS - Hidden Charms

HIDDEN CHARMS Hidden Charms mini lp 1985
How Do You Know? / I Guess I'm Fallin' In Love / Tip Of My Tongue / The Witch / Why Did You Leave Me? / Shotgun Rider / Girl After Girl / Take Your Clothes Off.
An Authentic production from the deep south of Sweden
Hidden Charms: P. Hägred: vocals, guitars / M. Gustavsson: vocals, guitars / T. Holst: bass / P. Norrman & Sticky Bomb: drums.
Special Thanks to 4-Eyed Thomas
Dedicated To Sky Saxon
The Hidden charms were another garage band of the mid 80's from Malmö in the South of Sweden. They have recorded two lp's: "Hidden Charms" (1985): a solid first lp of pure punk/rock/garage & "History" (1986) a more oriented powerpop album.You can also find the band on a few compilations that contributed to the succes of this nordic garage wave: "A Real Cool Time" (1985), "Raw Cuts - Vol 2 Swedish Beat" (1986), "What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen" (1986), "Blast From The Hip To The Heart" (1986). Their influences: Little Walter, Them, Link Wray, Alex Chilton, Lyres, Sonics( they covered "The Witch" on the first lp), Roky Erickson & the Cramps for the first lp!
"...Hidden Charms idea of some fun is a shotgun wedding between blistering teen pop and wild rockabilly. They prove their point on a lovable unreleased remake of "Where The Rio De Rosa Flows" and a version of "The Witch" from their first mini album..." liner notes of "Raw Cuts - Vol 2 Swedish Beat"
"The Band took their name from a Howlin' Wolf song also recorded by Link Wray, which says a lot about their musical roots. Inspired by the madmen of rock & roll - from Jerry Lee Lewis to Mono Man - and forever in love with the teen bands of the 60's..." Liner notes from the lp "A Real Cool Time (Distorded Sounds From The North)" which contains an out-take track "Please Give Me Something" from the sessions which led to their first mini-album on Box Records.
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You can find "History" the second Hidden Charms album here, on the excellent Wilfully Obscure blog!

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HIDDEN CHARMS "Hidden Charms" mini lp 8t 1985

Swedish Beat!

If you like it, please leave etc

It seems that I'm a little tired to sing the same song!

Anonyme a dit…

très sympa ce mini LP. je ne connaissais le groupe que par leur sauvages reprises de "where the rio de Rosa flows" et "the witch" mais ce disque vaut le détour. Zétaient culotés de s'attaquer à "how do yo know" mai s'en sortent bien.


Pep Sonic a dit…

Thank you very much for this fantastic record. Cheers,

Rev. Dave a dit…

Thank you for all the music! Unfortunately, the Megaupload link for this album (not the artwork) is running very slooooooowly. I tried links to other things, and this is the only slow download. Can you post it to a different mirror?

habanero06 a dit…

mercipour ce groupe méconnu et ... pour tout le blog!!

Rev. Dave a dit…

Hello. The MegaUpload link for the album is not working, can you post it somewhere else?


@ Rev. Dave:
The Megaupload link is working today at

Funk Drops a dit…

The file is corrupted... :-(
Thanks for the fantastic music.


I have just downloaded the file to check if something was wrong but for me everything is ok !
The Megaupload link is working & the extract by Winrar also ...
Someone else has the same problem ?