THE 440's - Scrubbing Satan's Cadillac

THE 440's Scrubbing Satan's Cadillac cd 1999
Under The Hood / Power Play / Jailbait* / Assault & Battery With Electric Guitar / Girly Show* / Panhead / 15.000 Reasons / Where It's At° / Twister / Dance On Your Grave / Fuck Me With Rock'n'Roll / Thinkin' Bout You / Partner In Crime.
Produced by J. Deluca & The 440's.
The 440's: W. Gadzuk: lead guitar, vocals / S. Wolff: lead, vocals / J. Skwarlo: bass, yells / D. Chamillard: bass, vocals + C. O'Hay: harmonica /
J. Deluca: piano°
The 440's are a Philadelphia based group of hot ord punks. Setting them apart from the pack are the lead vocals and blistering guitar of frontwoman W. Gadzuk (aka Sparkle Plenty). Sparkle and the boys rip through tunes that are equal parts rockabilly, punk and heavy metal. As acclaimed as their recordings are, their live show will leave you screaming for more. The first 7" ep was released in 1998 by California based Hell Yeah Records. After two cross country tours the band returned to the city of brotherly love to record their first full lenghth "Scrubbing Satan's Cadillac" for Dionysus Records. The cross country tour in support of " Scrubbing Satan's Cadillac" had The 440's sharing the stage with such heavy hitters as The Reverend Horton Heat, Nashville Pussy, Blink 182, Motorhead, Hank Williams III, The Supersuckers, and selected stops of The Vans Warped Tour. In May of 200, The 440's second full lenght album "Hot To Go" was released on Steelcage Records. "Hot To Go: contains 16 tracks of blistering punk&roll including their version of Joan Jett's " Bad Reputation" and a new recording of "Death Machine", which was previously featured on a split 7" with The Humpers and Glucifer. The 440's Philadelphia line up played their last show on March 30, 2001. Source
"Take a twin-guitar demolition ride as The 440's spread their own brand of gear-head sleaze mayhem across the USA! Fantastic and frantic female vocals front 14 blazing songs about cars, sex and anything non-political to satisfy your rock 'n' roll appetite! " Source
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"THE 440's - Scrubbing Satan's Cadillac"

"This Philadelphia group is a sleazy, trashy example of the hot rod and hot bod-loving genre known as drag punk, or drag rock.The 440's is a hybrid street machine made from equal parts Electric Frankenstein and Mudwimmin."

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Hi i'm from Italy.

Do you have Sonic Assassins or Three Assassins (ex A-10, Scott Morgan and Deniz Tek) ??

Jaime a dit…

Many thankx for this record. Fantastic.