NICK ROYALE - Burt Ward Law

SINGLES: NICK ROYALE Burt Ward Law / Never Right 7" 2001
Recorded By Fred Estby.
Mixed By Fred Estby & Nick Royale.
Nick Royale: music, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, drums & percussion
Nicke Andersson (also known as Nick Royale), born 1 August 1972 is a singer, guitarist, drummer, songwriter and composer most known for his work as the singer and guitarist of the successful Grammy award winning rock band The Hellacopters as well as the former drummer for Swedish death metal band Entombed. He has also done work as a producer as well as artwork for most the bands he has been involved with. Besides his work with the Hellacopters, Andersson is currently the drummer and songwriter in the soul band The Solution with Scott Morgan as well as the drummer, guitarist and songwriter in the death metal band Death Breath. Andersson has been involved in well over a hundred different official releases with different bands. He is currently touring with his new project, Imperial State Electric. Source

"Andersson's interest began early in life with KISS as his favorite band and soon discovered his childhood friend and future band mate Kenny Håkanssons father's record collection and bands such as The Ramones and Sex Pistols. His interest soon turned towards heavier music, trading cassettes and vinyls and writing for fanzines. It wasn't long before Andersson started playing music and was soon playing drums and guitars in rock and metal bands..." Source

Covers cleaned & assembled by Max!
Scans & music by the D.

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Recorded on Adam West's label, Fandango records !
A very very expensive single now !
It's a shame !

Armitage a dit…

It was a split between Fandango and Nomad records, hence No-Mango.
The Nick Royale Gang 7" I though was better, but this is still a classic. Thanks!

Anonyme a dit…

mmmm some more please ?
with five 7' i'll do my own comp
what's better on a rainy autumn ?
chris gloups

Anonyme a dit…

5 - 7" to burn on cd ???
sad era

cheers & thanks

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for second one

Anonyme a dit…

probably SOTD can buy it
for you chris
really good idea !
thanks & .......