ROCKIN' REBELS - World Rocking

ROCKIN' REBELS World Rocking cd 2001
Rock-A-Like That / Rockabilly Heart / Wild Cat On The Loose / 60 Thousand Feet / South-A-Bound Train / Back To Memphis 56 / House Rocking (With A Texas Troubadour) Part 1 / Rock-A-Bye Lou / House OF Swinging Lights / Crocodile Swamp / House Rocking (With A Texas Troubadour) Part 2 / Here Comes The Drifter / Stampede / A Teenager In Love.
Produced by M. Zermati & Rockin' Rebels.
Rockin' Rebels: T. Marlow: lead vocals, guitars / J.J. Bonnet: drums, backing vocals / J.M. Tomi: lead guitars, backing vocals / J.P. Joannès: bass, bull fiddle bass, backing vocals.
«Tony Marlow » (born may 25, 1954 Charleroi -Belgium) moves with his parents to Corsica where he start playing drums at 13 years old.At 15, he earns his life playing music, in holiday camps and open air dances party, often 6 or 7 hours non-stop.
What a formative experience ! His first and main influence = Elvis which he discovers in 1970 with the lp « Live in Vegas »,then Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry and all the rock and roll pionneers.At 20 year old he comes to Paris where his love for rock and roll pushes him to places like the Open Market, the Golf Drouot (sunday afternoons) and the Elvis treat me nice fan club.1976 he plays drums with Victor Leed and , a few months later, meet Eric »Tintin » Rice at a jam session .
Impressed by Eric’s voice and stage show he proposes him to start a rockabilly band.March 1977 the Rockin’ Rebels were born., the band takes off in november with the arrivals of Jean-Marc Tomi (lead guitar) and Jean-Paul « Nono » Joannès (bass).May 1978, they record their first disc on the Skydog label under the guidance of Marc Zermati (Western/Ravin’Sound).
The band makes an impressive string of gigs (Swing Hall, Gibus, Palace, rock festivals) followed by rave reviews in rock magazines wich state them as leaders of the burgeoning rockabilly scene.As drummer, Tony’s main influences are Dickie « be bop » Harrell, D.j.Fontana, Sandy Nelson and Bobby Clarcke.
When Eric Rice leaves the band in december 78, Tony starts singing behind the drums.His old buddy ramon roccès jr.reinforce the band on piano and sax.1979 and 80,they realize their first album (CBS/Skydog), their first TV appearence (Chorus-Antoine de Caunes with Vince Taylor) and played the Olympia theater before recording their second album :"Frogabilly" (Underdog/Carrère).
produced Marc Zermati1981 Jean-Jacques Bonnet join the band on drums and Tony becomes lead singer.
April, the Rebels are the support band for the first Stray Cats french tour (10 dates).1984 they share the bill with Mac Curtis, Jacky Lee Cochran, Mink de Ville, make their third lp (1,2,3…Jump !) (Underdog/Carrère) and a lot of singles.1984 they meet Aldo Martinez (ex Chaussettes Noires) who produce « Branche le Poste », a semi hit with strong radio airplay (RTL, NRJ, Europe 1) and a lot of TV .Tony continues to play drums with Sonny Fisher, Vince Taylor and Freddy « fingers » Lee.

In 1985 the Rebels stopped and Tony sings under his own name in the parisian clubs.1987 he starts « Tony Marlow et les Privés » the first french jump band with horn section and plays Louis Jordan and Louis Prima covers 10 years before Brian Setzer !
Tony brings the Rockin' Rebels back together in 2001 for "World Rocking"," Elvis Calling" (2005), launch the band "Bandit Mancho" (CD: 2002) In August 2004, he makes a "pilgrimage" to Memphis, on the King's tracks (Sun studios, Graceland, Tupelo). In October 2005 takes place one of the highlights in Tony's musical life: Betty and the Bops backed the queen of rockabilly herself, Janis Martin, for a one night spot in Concarneau. In 2006, he starts with a new band, "Tony Marlow Guitar Party" in which he plays all instruments (cd/dvd: "Kustom rock'n'roll" )
Tony Marlow has recorded his last (& excellent ) album " Knock Out" in 2010 (Skydog for the cd & Rock Paradise for the lp). Check it & buy it here !
Buy "World Rocking" here !

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ROCKIN' REBELS was one of the best french rockabilly bands...

Anonyme a dit…

est-ce que c'est le même groupe qui chantait "bleu comme jean" et "viens danser sur les toits" ?


Oui! On trouve ces titres sur l'album "1,2,3... Jump!" (Underdog CA 671) lp sorti en 1982! Il faudra que je le rippe un de ces jours ainsi que "Frogabilly" sorti lui en 1980...