VA - Trash On Demand Vol. 1

VA Trash On Demand Vol. 1 lp 1996 Ultra Under Records 320 kbps
Jesse Hector & Gatecrashers: Carolina / Alter-Egos: She Can't Be Stopped / The Creamers: New Improved Me / Fifi & The Mach III: Rock N Roll Girls / The 69 Eyes: Ghettoway Car / The Spent Idols: No Broken Promises / Jeff Dahl: French Cough Syrup / Candy 500: Fox Force 5 / The Hangs-Ups: I Wanna Be A Hang-Up / Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters: Lookin' For A Kiss / Nuevo Catecismo Catolico: Self-destruction / Al Perry: Off And Running / The Remains: Russian Roulette.
"When I went to put this compilation together, I had one major thought. I hated most comps. It was always a case of too many piss poor badly recorded bands with one or two gema thrown in.
Throughout all my tours and correspondence I knew that there was no shortage of cool bands out there. So the idea here is that only the cream rises to the top. These are some of my personal favorites and I hope you'll love 'em as much as I do. Then go out and track down the rest of the records by whoever turns you on. It's worth the effort! The slab o' vinyl you're now holdin'in yer grubby paws is the rockin'est, sleeziest spuzz goin' down. Enjoy it ... and stay tuned for Volume II (& maybe Volume III)!!!"
Search & Destroy Forever - Jeff Dahl, Phx, Az. USA '95
J. Hector & Gatecrashers (U.K.): Carolina: "From the legendary UK outfit the Hammersmith Gorillas, here's something raw and rockin'..."
Alter-Egos (L.A.): She Can't Be Stopped: "Ah... Rich Coffee! ...the Gizmos, thee Fourgiven & The Tommyknockers... one of the most under-rated guitarists! Cross The Standells with The Ramones and you'll get the picture. Recorded just for this comp!
The Creamers (L.A.): New Improved Me: "...This new track ranks with their best! ... can you say "hi-energy"?
Fifi & The Mach III (Japan): Rock N Roll Girls: "Definitively one of Japan's bands..."
The 69 Eyes (Finland): Ghettoway Car: "The reigning kings of that sleazy Helsinki glam/punk scene...if you love Hanoi Rocks and Smack !" The Spent Idols (San Diego): No Broken Promises: "Close your eyes and you'd swear it was '77 all over again..."

Jeff Dahl (Phoenix, Arizona): French Cough Syrup: "Three chords and a bad attitude is out motto! I hope ya like it."
Candy 500 (Porland, Oregon): Fox Force 5 "...Ursula's voice has got to be one of the most powerful, emotional, downright sexy set of pipes I've come across (figuratively speaking). Beautifully, brutal and brand new!"
The Hangs-Ups (Newcastle, England): I Wanna Be A Hang-Up: "...16 Forever and The Campus Tramps come to mind and the Hangs-Ups have strong ties to both those bands. This new track was recorded especially fot this LP"
Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters (Worcester, MA): Lookin' For A Kiss: "...This track is exclusive for all you Dolls fans and showcases the Ballbusters snotty, trashy rock 'n roll quite nicely."
Nuevo Catecismo Catolico (Spain): Self-destruction: "...a real ripper. All the energy aggression and melody you could possibly consume."

Al Perry (Tucson, Arizona): Off And Running: " Here's a true living legend for ya with a little demented twang for your rock n'roll pleasure. He's been a mainstay and catalyst for the desert scene for decades. Here's a new track which was done without any overdubs. Live and raw onto tape. Just the way we like it!"
The Remains (Tokyo, Japan): Russian Roulette: "...Guitarist/singer H. Nakagome is rapidely gaining a well deserved reputation as "The japanese Johnny Thunders". Needless to say, I'm a big fan of their stuff. Here's a fun version of one of my favorite Lords' tunes. Recorded in Tokyo with me on rhythm guitar & backing vox. Gimme, gimme , gimme..."
Liner notes by Jeff Dahl
Cd covers by Max !!!

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VA "Trash On Demand Vol. 1" 320 kbps + cd covers by Max !

At last, here's the Vol. 1 of the J. Dahl Ultra Under Records "Trash on Demand"!
Issued in 1996, lp only, limited to 1000 copies !

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks, Midnight Rambler! (and Max! Although you can't really improve on the TOD covers, I still appreciate you doing the layout work to convert to CD)

I skipped over volumes 2 and 3 when I was perusing the SOTD archives, PRECISELY because I've gotten burnt out on compilations, for exactly the reasons Dahl talks about.

Comps were great when I was a kid. I got turned on to a TON of awesome bands through comps. But nowadays, I'm not actively searching for NEW bands to discover. I already have a ton of bands I like.

Of course, a compilation of 90% awesome tracks is always welcome, but in reality I'm usually disappointed. I guess I should have more faith in Jeff Dahl!

Anonyme a dit…

Viva Midnight Max! Viva Max Rambler!

babbler a dit…

Its been a long time coming but....WOW...well. Worth the wait