JOHNNY THUNDERS - Hollywood Babylon

JOHNNY THUNDERS Hollywood Babylon cd 2000
Pipeline / Blame It On Mom / Personality Crisis / I Can Tell / Dead Or Alive / Can't Keep My Eyes On You / Ain't Superstitious / Too Much Junkie Business~Pills / You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory / Eve Of Destruction / It's Not Enough / Lonely Planet Boy / The Wizard / Play With Fire / Green Onions / In The Midnght Hour / Sad Vacation / Little Queenie / Born To Lose.
Recorded live at the Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, January. 4, 1987
Johnny Thunders: guitar, vocals / Arthur Kane: bass / Jerry Nolan: drums / Barry Jones: guitar.
Johnny in great shape one night in L.A with the excellent Barry Jones (London Cowboys) on guitar, Arthur Kane on bass and one of drummers the most under-rated : Mr Jerry "cool" Nolan ! Excellent show with a good sound !

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JOHNNY THUNDERS "Hollywood Babylon"

Excellent sound ... enjoy it & LEAVE COMMENTS, please!

mon blog a dit…

Mille fois merci :-) Un live de Thunders dont le son n'est pas boueux. Et de plus, Johnny tenait la forme ce soir là !
Doc Muller

Anonyme a dit…


The interwebs is awash in Johnny Thunders live bootlegs, but they all seem to have TERRIBLE sound.

I love sloppy lo-fi music as much as anyone, but I don't want to waste my time on shit that sounds like some audience member had a Fisher-Price tape recorder hidden up his ass the whole show.

At least I can listen to the live bootlegs on the internet first. Back in the day, I'd pay $20 for some live vinyl bootleg at the record store, and then feel like a complete idiot when I got home and put it on the turntable.


And you're RIGHT !!!
All these boots should be free:
it's a SHAME to see some "labels" selling crappy stuff at high prices without or with the approbation of the artist (even when the package is beautiful... see what I mean ?) and don't tell me about fuckin' historical documents or testimonials
It's only rock'n'roll swindle and WE DON'T LIKE IT!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Of course, it's partly our own faults, especially with the unauthorised live bootlegs.

The unscrupulous people making the shitty bootlegs knew that we record collectors would obsessively fork over ridiculous amounts of cash for some "new" or "rare" record.

On the other hand, some "bootlegs" are simply labours of love, a way for true fans to share a great concert with other fans all over the world. Especially when the artist in question is dead, these bootlegs should be free. You're 100% right!

Anonyme a dit…

Hey!,...where's the link ?