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VA Hempilation: Freedom is NORML cd 1995
Black Crowes: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 / Blues Traveler: I Want to Take You Higher / Cypress Hill: I Wanna Get High / David Peel & The 360's: I Like Marijuana / Gov't Mule: Don't Step on the Grass, Sam / 311: Who's Got The Herb ? / Hater: Convicted / Sacred Reich: Sweet Leaf / High Fidelity: Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba / Ian Moore: Champagne And Reefer / Sublime: Legalize It / Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers: In The Flow / Widespread Panic: And It Stoned Me / Gus: Homegrown / Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies: High Time We Went / Raging Slab: Pot Head Pixies / Drivin' N' Cryin: Too Rolling Stoned.
Hempilation: Freedom Is NORML is the first CD compilation album to benefit the organization NORML, released in November 1995. The songs that appear on the album all have marijuana as the subject matter. As of the end of 1998 "Hempilation" sold more than 110,000 units, and raised more than $90,000 for NORML.Due to the album's success, there would be a second compilation done by the group, which would appear three years after the first compilation.
The idea for this album came about after a Steve Bloom, a member of High Times magazine (and one of the producers of "Hempilation") left a record release party for a PETA benefit album called "Tame Yourself". He thought since top bands can get behind a cause and make a difference, why not try the same concept to benefit the people at NORML?
It was decided that the album needed to be created after finding several of the bands that were fans of the magazine and supporters of the legalization movement, other bands prior to the album took part in a "Rock For Pot" benefit concert, and a successful sponsored tour of one of the contributing bands by both of the organizations.The proceeds from the sale of this album, organized by the people at High Times Magazine, went to benefit the NORML organization. It was also created as a way to contribute to NORML anonymously. However, there is also a membership form that was included in the CD booklet if the purchaser wanted to do more. The website given on the form to join NORML .

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VA "Hempilation-Freedom is NORML"

Legalize it !

MJG196 a dit…

This stuff always makes me laugh. Those NORML guys are friggin' out of it!

bob a dit…

no dont legalize it. the goverment will fuck it up like cigaretts..lower thc and tax the hell out of it.

Rockandre a dit…

Great compilation, anyway!Thank you M.R. and SOTD!