THE LOCOS - Screwed Up

THE LOCOS Screwed Up cd 1999
No Time To Waste / Losing My Mind / I'll Be Back / Story Of My Life / Local Hero / Tried So Hard / Sun Ain't Burning / Inside Out / Now I'm Pretty Cool / A Better Man Than You / Screwed Up / Hangin' In The Bars / Straight To Hell / Hey Hey Bye Bye.
The Locos: T. Skei: vocals & rhythm guitar / N. Einarsson: drums / A. Leviäkangas: bass & vocals / J. Lindqvist: lead guitar.
Combining the nostalgic influences of the Nomads, the Ramones, the Cynics, and the Sonics, the Locos imported their pitch of snotty garage punk into their home country of Sweden. Upon their stage debut in 1996, the collaboration of Diesel Eye (guitar), Tommy (vocals/guitar), Nicklas (drums), and Arto GTO (bass/vocals) would spend the next two years gigging around the Scandinavian territory while also having the chance to play with the likes of the Hellacopters, the Hymans, and Gluecifer. Mi-Mo Sound Records eventually contributed to the release of the Locos' first full-length, Screwed Up, in 1999. Allmusic
"The name of this band says everything about their music and image.
Pop, punk with kick ass rock´n roll that hits you like a grenade.
A band that’s going to take a lot of air and spread their electric air pollution over us.
Their first album, "Screwed up" was released in April 1999. It contains 14 melodic and energetic smashing rock tracks.
If you like sleazy ballads, this is not your bag. But if you want more bpm for the money this is what you are looking for.
The single, with music video, "Hanging`in the bars" is the coolest rock song this year.
2 minutes of pure rock energy, sounds like the Sex Pistols in the 90´s.
Other "Loco" influences are "The Cynics" and "The Nomads".
Bust be a success! If this is the start where will it end..." Source
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THE LOCOS "Screwed Up"

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