THE THUNDER GODS - Wreck Your Party

THE THUNDER GODS Wreck Your Party cd 2004
Afraid To Dance / Prelude / Huggin' And Kissin' / March With The Saints / Days As Black As Night / Dumb Ox Blues / El Canoero / The Gossin Papers / I Give Up / 14 Parables / Sexual Colossus / Don't Hurry Home/ I Wrecked Your Party.
The Thunder Gods: P. McNally: lead vocals, guitars & organ / K. Von Suhr: guitar, backing vocals / R. Filardo: drums, percussion, backing vocals & guitar / J. Filingeri: bass & backin' vocals.
"The Thunder Gods are a classic four-piece outfit with an urgent, overdriven sound that has drawn comparisons to such greats as the Heartbreakers, the Dictators, and the MC5. The Thunder Gods' prime objective; to wage all-out war on the anti-Rock 'n' Roll sentiment and general musical apathy (read: ignorance) running rampant in today's America.
The Thunder Gods' sacred duties: Rock 'n' Roll. Always, everywhere and without regard to consequence Defend the good name of Rock 'n' Roll Promote the principles of Rock 'n' Roll Instruct the masses in the history, relevance and true meaning of Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll after each meal Each meal is to consist solely of Rock 'n' Roll...
The Thunder Gods were formed in January of 1994 in Rochester, NY by singer/guitarist/songwriter Thunder Bunny Blue and bassist/charmer/chick magnet Thunder Clap Jimmy. Though neither could boast any experience in bands or with their respective instruments, the pair were fueled by a shared passion for rock and roll and a shared frustration with their town's near total lack thereof. Enlisting the services of a series of charitable(if somewhat bemused) drummers, the Thunder Gods began playing live engagements almost immediately. These early shows were excruciating affairs, filled with false starts, forgotten chord progessions, uncontrolled feedback, and an overall sense of confusion and impending disaster. Yet the Thunder Gods, mercifully oblivious to their own musical ineptitude and exuding an onstage mixture of audacity, cheerful aggression, and raw sex appeal, soon attracted a knot of 3-6 hardcore well-wishers. Their fanbase thus firmly established, the Thunder Gods forged ahead in their campaign of "Rock And Roll By Attrition". Through years of bitter experience and with the addition of the stinging guitar of K2 and the throbbing might of Moondog on drums, the Thunder Gods have since emerged as a veritable musical juggernaut. Blending the influences of such artists as The Heartbreakers, Chuck Berry, The Ramones, Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones and The MC5 with their own hard-edged style, the Thunder Gods have created an original sound which is truly representative of all that is worthwhile and beautiful in Rock and Roll." Source
"Wreck Your Party" (buy it HERE!) is the swan-song of the Thunder Gods.

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THE THUNDER GODS "Wreck Your Party"

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