THE SINISTERS - Terminal Volume

THE SINISTERS Terminal Volume cd 2006
Mr Disaster / Speedthrill Overkill / Sonic Iguana / Baby, Where'd Ya Go? / Just Got Bored / Let's Get Down / Creepy / Hometown Hell / Violence & Lust / Snakehead.
Produced by C. Petzelt.
The Sinisters: Saint: vocals / Troy: bass, harp, vocals / Scarlet: guitar, vocals / Brian: drums.
Often said to be the heirs to the Stooges throne, the Sinisters have blazed a trail of self destruction and mayhem across North America for the last 13 years that would have left any lesser band dead in the middle of the road. Still intact with the original miscreants that recorded "Memories of a Happy Hell", the Sinisters have built an international cult following and spawned a slew of imitators. Since their inception in the early 90's, the Sinisters have forged a rawk solid reputation for being all that any band can be...the total sum of every rawk song, move, etc that came before them. With the release of their 1995 debut "Memories of a Happy Hell", The Sinisters hit the road touring and partying with the likes of the Ramones, Dictators, The Damned, The Backyard Babies, Nashville Pussy, The Dwarves, Forgotten Rebels, Electric Frankenstein, Warped Tour and the list goes on. Accepted as brothers in arms by their heroes, the Sinisters have been the keepers of the rock n roll flame thru the years of lumberjack shirts, grunge, nu metal and apathy - the 90s. Kicking out the jams across the USA while flipping the bird at critics (and occasionally assaulting them), releasing CDs & singles, appearing on comps around the world alongside comtemporaries Turbonegro, the Hives and the Hellacopters, and doing every rawk cliché to death...the Sinisters are still alive and kicking ass.
"Terminal Volume" (buy it here!) is the fourth album from Toronto's infamous glam-punks. And their last, hence aptly titled. Scarlet and Smokin' Billy can now be found playing the gueetar and drums in Drunkula, check them out! Source

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THE SINISTERS "Terminal Volume" 320 kbps + covers

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nekrodad a dit…

this a great post, i have dug this band since 96, awesome post matey

MJG196 a dit…

It may sound odd, but you should review MORRISSEY's "Your Arsenal" on your blog. Pure glam, produced by Mick ROnson...what else is there you need to know?!

Anonyme a dit…

just so good on guitar
play bowie at bbc (not official)for try
guitar just like chainsaw on velvet cover

Capitain Poon a dit…

Great post!! Thanks again Patrick

Streetpunx a dit…