GRAHAM PARKER & THE FIGGS - The Last Rock'n'Roll Tour

GRAHAM PARKER & THE FIGGS The Last Rock'n'Roll Tour cd 1997
Turn It Into Hate / Don't Let It Break You Down / Soul On Ice / Weeping Statues / Fool's Gold / Local Girls / Daddy's A Postman / Impenetrable / Sharpening Axes / Back Door Love / She Never Let Me Down / Obsessed With Gretha / Take Everything / Stupefaction / Soul Shoes / Saturday Nite Is Dead / Get Over It And Move / Cream / Glass / Bubblegum Cancer / Don't Get Excited / Around And Around.
Engineered by Brad Morrison.
Recorded live at Bogies, Albany, NY on 24th november 1996.
G. Parker: vocals & guitar / P. Donnelly: bass & vocals / P. Hayes: drums / G. Lyons: guitar & vocals / M. Gent: guitar & vocals.
"Stereotyped early in his career as the quintessential angry young man, Graham Parker was one of the most successful singer/songwriters to emerge from England's pub rock scene of the early '70s. Drawing heavily from Van Morrison and the Rolling Stones, Parker developed a sinewy fusion of driving rock & roll and confessional folk-rock, highlighted by his indignant passion, biting sarcasm, and bristling anger. At the outset of his career, his albums crackled with pub rock energy, snide witticisms, and gentle insights, earning him a devoted following of fans and critics, who lavished praise on his debut, "Howlin' Wind". Despite all of the positive word of mouth, Parker never managed to become a star, and he was soon overshadowed by the emergence of Elvis Costello, a singer/songwriter who shared similar roots. After delivering "Squeezing Out Sparks" in 1979, Parker attempted to make a few crossover albums before settling into a cult following in the late '80s, continuing to garner critical acclaim..."
"During the '90s, Graham Parker released a remarkable number of live albums, which is particularly odd for a performer known for his songwriting, not his performances. The double-disc The Last Rock N' Roll Tour was presumably released because Parker intended his 1996 excursion with the Figgs to be his final time on the road with a rock & roll band. With the Figgs doing their best Rumour impersonation, Parker runs through a number of his classic songs, as well as selections from recent albums like "12 Haunted Episodes" and "Acid Bubblegum". Although the performances are solid, there's no real spark on the record, and therefore, none of these versions are particularly noteworthy. And considering that "The Last Rock N' Roll Tour" comes on the heels of four live records in as many years, it's puzzling why such a thoroughly average performance was released, especially as a double-disc set. Allmusic

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GRAHAM PARKER & THE FIGGS "The Last Rock'n'Roll Tour"

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