LITTLE BOB STORY - Tell Everybody The Truth

SINGLES: LITTLE BOB STORY Tell Everybody The Truth* / Kick Out The Jams° SP 1988 wav
*Produced by Pat Collier
L.B.S. 1988: R. Piazza: lead & backing vocals / Y. Chouard: lead guitars, keyboards & backing vocals / G. Mallet: rhythm guitars & backing vocals / F. Lemarchand: bass guitar / N. Garotin: drums & backing vocals.
The song "Tell Everybody The Truth" is taken from the album "Ringolevio" , the tenth album from L.B.S. The b side is a cover of the MC5's Kick Out The Jams played & recorded for the first time by L.B.S. during the "Rapido Show" on the french channel, TF1.
On the back cover of the single we can read this sentence:
Ce disque est dédié à tous les hommes politiques "Give us a break, Liars"

All the royalties have been paid to the organization S.O.S racism !

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LITTLE BOB STORY "Tell Everybody The Truth" sp wav + covers

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Kick Out The french rock !!!!

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1 blog de video ?

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i'm from le havre, so thanks to the midnight rambler for that
ps:Bob with the Dolls 17/04 le mans motos

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thx to le havre du CHRIS
for all this gems