VA - Power For Passion

VA Power For Passion... (file under : power pop 1978-85) cd 2004 320 kbps
The Reducers: Small Talk / Stratford Survivors: Now I Know / The Nips: Take Me Down / Matcheads: Pearl Harbor / The Reactors: The Dispossessed / The Reducers: Black Plastic Shoes / The Headaches: Teenage Sex / The Silencers: Boyfriends/Girlfriends / The Ejectors: Fade with The Summer / The Foreign Objects: You Go Home / Butch Minds The Baby: Natural Clause / TV Neats: Who's Curting Who / The Foreign Objects: Plan 9 / The Headaches: Power For Passion / Dennis Most: Life Can Be a Cruel Gig.
" I don’t think I’m overstating anything by saying that this is the best compilation of old punk material since the “No One Left To Blame” comp came out a few years ago. The subtitle of this comp is “File under: Power Pop 1978-85,” which sums up the content, but says nothing of the quality. The record starts out with a cut from Connecticut’s finest, The Reducers. Though no one seems to care, at least no one outside of Japan, The Reducers are still going strong, and are one of the best American power-pop bands of all time. They have two songs here, both of which are on the Reducers debut LP, which, at least a few months ago, is still available from the band. If you’ve heard the Matcheads single then you know it’s deserving of classic status. If you haven’t, well, this is your chance to hear “Pearl Harbor.” Following up that track is “The Dispossessed”, from The Reactors. It’s a decent cut, but can’t match the brilliance of their EP. Then again, not much does. Chicago’s Headaches released a top notch, and tough to find, power pop single in 1981. It’s a want list staple for collectors, and both tracks are here for everyone to check out. Other highlights include Ft. Worth’s The Ejectors and their insanely catchy, “Fade with the summer;” LA’s The Silencer’s, who are post-Shock (“This Generation’s on Vacation”); Dennis Most; Glasgow’s The Nips, and many more. “Power for Passion” is certain proof of compiler Keith Grave’s passion for power-pop. It is remarkable that this comp is legit, complete with updates and contact for all of the artists.(DH)" Source

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VA Power For Passion 320 kbps + covers

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This is solid and their is a pretty good review in English here:



Thanks Rinjo ! Good review for sure !

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Excellent stuff. Thanks!

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great great album. Thanks!