JEFF DAHL I Kill Me cd 1990 320 kbps
1 Mary, are you livin' ? /2 Ain't Nothin' To Do /3 And So It Goes /4 Goin' Underground /5 Ain't Got Nothin' /6 Clouds Without Water /7 Haven't Had a Drink In a Long Time /8 This Stuff Is Killing Me /9 The Boy Who Self-destroyed /10 Pretty Thing /11 Platypus Man /12 Search And Destroy /13 Gravity /14 Lester, Are You Listening? /15 Paint It Black /16 Lustful Glances.
Produced by Jeff Dahl.
Jeff Dahl: vocals; lead,rhythm,accoustic guitar / Bruce Duff: bass / Cheetah Chrome: lead,rhythm,accoustic,12-string guitar / Del Hopkins: drums / Scott Morrow: lead,rhythm guitar on 12 / Pat Todd: vocals on 11 & 7 / Keith Tellingman: bass on 11 & 7 / DD Weekday: lead,rhythm guitar 0n 11 & 7 / Allen Clark: drums on 11 & 7 / Amy Wichman: guitar on 9 / Gregg Turner: guitar on 9 / Todd Homer: bass on 9 / Billy Vockeroth: drums on 9 / Steve Lang: sax on 10.
"There are some musicians who go through decades and changing styles and have an unshakable belief in whatever they do and who care passionately about the music they create, no matter what the critics might say and what music fashion is hip at the time. In fact, there are some who are always hip and stay in love with the music they listen to and create. Jeff Dahl is one of those people. From the West Coast punk explosion of the late 70's, Jeff Dahl has remained an indestructible constant year after year, releasing album after album. In 2009 he still gets excited about entering the studio to make music.
We at Über Röck caught up with him to ask him what's going down in the Dahl house and try to find out what this underground rock monster is up to next. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wise words of the one and only Jeff Dahl..."
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JEFF DAHL "I kill me" 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

peut etre pas le meilleur
mais superbe

allez les jaunards !!
HCUP ce week end

nekrodad a dit…

haha, damn you i just bought this for the 20th time this past weekend. this was my very 1st dahl album ever back in 1991. awesome to someone still likes his good stuff.

BTW- stop by my blog, you just may like THE DEATH PARTY.


George Caldera a dit…

Gracias amigos!

JOSE a dit…

muy buen aporte de este rockero como pocos quedan

Anonyme a dit…

i can't download from rapidshare =(

please re-up on megaupload


Honquijote a dit…

Great stuff from Mr Dahl. This post is highly appreciated so thanks again for delivering the goods... =)