UNCLE SAM - Heaven or Hollywood

UNCLE SAM Heaven or Hollywood lp (with the uncensored cover) 1987 320 kbps
Live For The Day / Don't Be Shy / Alice D. / No Reason Why / The Candyman / Don't You Ever / All Alone / Peace Of Mind, Piece Of Body / Under Sedation / Heaven Or Hollywood / Steppin' Stone (live)*/ Train Kept A' Rollin (live)*.
*bonus tracks on cd
Produced by B. Martin.
Uncle Sam: S. Cessna: lead vocals / G. A. Brisk: drums/L. Miller: guitar / D. Gentner: bass.

This first album from Uncle Sam produced by Bob Martin is amazing. I will quote you the label that was pasted over the cover of the limited nude model posing on this CD re-issue cover. "KKKKK's...an Lp that combines the pure and deadly delicious raw power of the original Cooper outfit at their most frenetic, with MC5, the Stooges an maybe just a tantalizing hint of the Cramps an the Dolls...makes Guns n' roses 'Appetite for Destruction' sound like 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm's Greatest Hits'." - R. Zell, Kerrang

"...I mean, it was said that our album could fit between 'Love It To Death' and 'Killer', but I don't think even they could have put out an album that would fit there. I don't think anyone could..."
L. Miller (guitarist) to Kerrang

"'Live For The Day' starts off like a MC5 song very fast furious 2:25 time. 'Don't Be Shy' is one of my favorite tunes w/ jamming guitars. 'Alice D' is a play on words which sounds like LSD. 'No Reason Why' is another 1:55 song that'll just drain you. 'The Candyman' is a demented song that Alice Cooper could of sung. 'The CandyMan' reminds me of the Child Collector from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 'Under Sedation' gives a little tribute to Alice Cooper as Scott starts reeling 'Under Sedation' he switches to singing 'Under My Wheels' then back to 'Under Sedation'. As 'Heaven or Hollywood' was from their visit to L.A. The CD comes w/ bonus tracks 'Steppin Stone' by The Monkees and 'Train Kept A'Rollin'." Source
Cd artwork by Max!

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UNCLE SAM "Heaven or Hollywood" 320kbps + cd covers by MAX!

Sound remastered by Mr Devil himself!!!

Enjoy it & LEAVE comments !

Toxxy a dit…

Great post Rambler, cheers indeed for these tunes! I had this one on cassette many years ago (yes, also with the original artwork), I'm glad to finally have it again :-) Yeah, call me sexist but there you have it..!

@Max: HUGE thx for the artwork!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

un ptit coup de rasoir mr rambler ??

bonne journee

Anonyme a dit…

great artwork!

Renfrew Zetz a dit…

Thanks for keeping this alive. This was a great band - their live shows were legendary and that status was well-earned - they owned the stage at Idols in Rochester - no other local hard-rock band could touch them. Toured all around the east, too - they were much loved in Toronto. Sadly lead singer Scott C. left the band after Heaven or Hollywood - Uncle Sam continued another four or five years (and two albums) without him - Dave G.moved from bass to lead vocals and his half-brother Bill P. took over on bass - they were still good, but it was not the same - not at all. Scotty was the real deal - he was a man possessed on stage, and he had a great voice. Man, this brings me back . . .

Woody a dit…

Killer band! Got to see these guys a bunch of times when I was in college in upstate NY. They did a great version of Link Wray's "Rumble" on one of their singles.