MIKE RIMBAUD - Funeral Lover

MIKE RIMBAUD Funeral Lover cd 1991 320 kbps
Butterscotch Bombshell* / Lunch With a Hurricane* / Controlling The Damage* / Hanging With a Hard One* / Sexy Surgery* / Funeral Lover And The Profit Surfers° / Into The Box° / The Dirty Mirror°/ Naked Legs° / Kills Household Germs° / Volcanos In Brooklyn (Volcans à Belleville)° / Monkey Patriot)°.
* Recorded in NewYork - *Recorded in Paris
Produced by M. Rimbaud & Z. Diode.
Mike Rimbaud: vocals & guitars / R. Crooks & M. Osborn: drums / L. Kostrinsky: bass / A. Pennisi: percussion / P. Wallfish & C. Giordano: keyboards + other musicians
Starting his career by performing in the cafes of New York City, Mike Rimbaud signed in 1990 with a French record label, Bondage Records. His debut album "Mutiny in the Subway" was recorded downtown at Baby Monster Studios with the help of A. Pennisi on percussions & L. Kostrinsky on bass.
Mike moved to Paris in 1991. With the label Houlala (Bondage Records), he recorded the album "Funeral Lover" in New York (Baby Monster Studios) and Paris (Mixit Studio).
In 1993, Elliott Murphy produced his third lp "Red Light" (Butcher Records).
Back living in New York, Mike Rimbaud recorded "Graffiti Trees" in 1997, produced by Mugsy Records label. In 2002, Mike released an acoustic recording, "Beast of Broadway" with some songs produced by Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes. It was written in Brazil and New York and recorded in downtown Manhattan. 2003 sees the release of "Light of Day" a tribute to Bruce Springsteen, with Mike's rockabilly inspired rendition of Atlantic City. He also performed at the Stone Pony with other artists to help promote the CD. Between 2004-2008 Mike continues to record and perform with his band The Subway Sun, this coincides with two shows of his paintings, a series of over 50 portraits of Lower East Siders.
Mike Rimbaud also exhibits his paintings, mostly portraits.

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MIKE RIMBAUD "Funeral Lover" 320 kbps + covers

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Morning Midnight! Uh - where is the file?


You can get the link by clicking on the title of the the post...

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the barracudas
two headed dog !!!!!!!


Mr Moodswings a dit…

Fabuleux blog que le tien.
J'ai été relativement loin dans tes posts et je t'annonce que je vais faire une sacrée razzia ! Plein de souvenirs et de vieux vinyls disparus il y a trop longtemps vont retrouver, numériquement, le chemin de mes oreilles.
Merci donc.
Une chose cependant, mais peut-être n'ai-je pas été assez loin dans tes posts, aurais tu des albums des Jet Boys, un excellent groupe de sleaze/glam rock français qui a dû sévir à la fin des années 80/début des années 90 ?
Si c'était le cas, tu me réjouirais particulièrement.
En attendant, encore merci pour ce travail d'information en espérant que tu le continues encore longtemps.


Merci pour le commentaire!
Le Jet Boys se trouvait effectivement dans les premiers posts du blog ...
Voici le lien: