THE NASTYS - Good Time Gone Bad

THE NASTYS Good Time Gone Bad cd 2005 flac
Bad Doctor / She Loves The Money / Nobody Rides For Free / F.W.W. / It's Only Blood /Good Time Gone Bad.
The Nastys: D. Jade: guitar / C. Cherry: vocals / J. Menace: bass / D. Smash: drums / Wurm:
lead guitar.
True Blue High Energy Rock and Roll. Hotter than a whore in church. AC/DC meets The New York Dolls.
The Nastys formed in 2001 by Danny Smash, Joey Menace, and Mick Nasty in Grand Rapids Michigan.
In 2002 The Nastys released their first EP" Shameless Self-Promotion", with newly acquired singer C. Cherry. With Cherry and the new EP, The Nastys began to garner recognition throughout the Midwest. In 2003 the band traveled to Los Angeles, where they recorded 3 studio tracks with Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat and Dave Moreno formerly of Earshot. The EP titled "Old Wine, New Bottle which included the 3 LA songs as well as 3 live tracks was released in January of 2004. Since the making of ""Old Wine, New Bottle" The Nasty have added guitarist D. Jade and Wurm after original guitarist M. Nasty decided to leave. In September of 2005 The Nastys released their 3rd EP "Good Time Gone Bad". Source

"Holy fuckin rock and roll does this horny little bitch smoke! 6 songs, no ballads, all uppercuts designed to leave you sweat-soaked and satisfied. And they will!" --Sleazegrinder

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THE NASTYS "Good Time Gone Bad" flac + covers

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