TELEVISION Marquee moon 1977 Elektra 320 kbps

See no evil / Venus / Friction / Marquee moon / Elevation / Guiding light / Prove it / Torn curtain / Little Johnny jewel (bonus).

Produced by Andy Johns & Tom Verlaine.

TELEVISION : Tom Verlaine : lead vocals , guitar /Richard Lloyd : guitar , vocals / Fred Smith : bass, vocals / Billy Ficca : drums.

In the early '70s, Television began as the Neon Boys, a group featuring guitarist/vocalist Tom Verlaine, drummer Billy Ficca, and bassist Richard Hell. At the end of 1973, the group reunited under the name Television, adding rhythm guitarist Richard Lloyd. The following year, the band made its live debut at New York's Townhouse theater and began to build up an underground following. Soon, their fan base was large enough that Verlaine was able to persuade CBGB's to begin featuring live bands on a regular basis; the club would become an important venue for punk and new wave bands. That year, Verlaine played guitar on Patti Smith's first single, "Hey Joe/Piss Factory," as well as wrote a book of poetry with the singer.

Television recorded a demo tape for Island Records with Brian Eno in 1975, yet the label decided not to sign the band. Hell left the band after the recording of the demo tape, forming the Heartbreakers with former New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders; the following year, he began a solo career supported by the Voidoids, releasing a debut album, Blank Generation, in 1977. Hell was replaced by ex-Blondie bassist Fred Smith and Television recorded "Little Johnny Jewel," releasing it on their own Ork record label. "Little Johnny Jewel" became an underground hit, attracting the attention of major record labels. In 1976, the band released a British EP on Stiff Records, which expanded their reputation. They signed with Elektra Records and began recording their debut album.

"Marquee Moon", the group's first album, was released in early 1977 to great critical acclaim, yet it failed to attract a wide audience in America; in the U.K., it reached number 28 on the charts, launching the Top 40 single "Prove It." Television supported Blondie on the group's 1977 tour, but the shows didn't increase the group's following significantly.

Television released their second album,"Adventure", in the spring of 1978 .

Months later, the group suddenly broke up, largely due to tensions between the two guitarists. F. Smith rejoined Blondie, while T. Verlaine and R. Lloyd both pursued solo careers. R.Lloyd also played on John Doe's first solo album, as well as joined Matthew Sweet's supporting band with the 1991 album "Girlfriend".

Nearly 14 years after their breakup, Television re-formed in late 1991, recording a new album for Capitol Records.

In 2001, Television again reunited for a handful of shows in the U.K., as well as an appearance at the Noise Pop Festival in Chicago.

In 2007, Richard Lloyd announced he would be amicably leaving the band after a midsummer show in New York City's Central Park. Unfortunately, owing to an extended stay in hospital recovering from pneumonia, he was unable to take his place with the band for this concert. His place that day was taken by Jimmy Rip. Rip has since been asked to stay on as a band member replacing Lloyd, and, as of December 2007, the group has been busy recording a new record.

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Television : Marquee moon 320 kbps + covers

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Enjoy it !

Born_To_Lose a dit…

"And I fell right into the Arms of Venus de Milo..."
un classique!

Richard Llyod est un guitariste hors pair. C'est dommage qu'il s'en aille. Mais il est très bon en solo. Son premier album "Alchemy" est génial. Et pour ceux qui aiment vient de sortir son dernier album "Radiant Monkey".

David a dit…

I own this album on CD, so I won't need to download it. But thank you for all the wonderful music on this blog!


R Lloyd est un guitariste magnifique et son rôle dans Television est sous-estimé !!!
et "Alchemy" un magnifique album bien supérieur à n'importe quel solo de Verlaine ! Par contre je savais pas qu'il venait de sortir un nouvel album !
encore une fois merci borntolose !


Pour david :
Try to download link 1 : maybe you doesn't have this version !!!

hdvns a dit…

Thanks for this. Not sure what you meant by request for "here Ain't The Sonics, but I've posted it at thee head vein. Stop by some time.

Anonyme a dit…

Yeah, this is the version with Little Johnny Jewel.
Well worth having.

Thank you MR.

vex_voxtone a dit…

Probably the best two solo guitars band in RNR history ... both Verlaine and Lloyd were amazing but Richard Lloyd will always remain my favourite. I also have this one on both cd and vinyl but the one you share has infamous "Little Johnny Jewel" ... so thanx sooo much bro.


For hdvns ,
I already have the sound , I only need scans of the covers : tray ,inlay ,cd ...
thanks for the comments !

hdvns a dit…

I only have vinyl, but I could photograph the back cover with liner notes and email.


The back cover of 63' Monroe ?
Yes it will be fine !
Thanks !

hdvns a dit…

Sorry, I meant the back cover for Here Ain't Sonics...if you still need it.


thanks hdvns !
... but someone sent me one !

lectible a dit…

A must have for all authentic rock n rollers. Thanks so much for this version! You do great work with all the cover scans & everything. Thanks for all your hard work.

Anonyme a dit…

Très bon concert de Tom Verlaine et Jimmy Rip le week-end dernier à la fondation Cartier à Paris.
Juste 2 guitares électriques, une voix, quelques classiques de television, et beaucoup de frissons...

colonel_rol a dit…

Nice blog man! (& Links are ok...)
Thx \o/

Anonyme a dit…

A re-upload may be appreciated. Thank you.