V/A RIOT ON THE ROCKS Volume 1 Scandinavian rock'n'roll compilation Safety pin records WMA
HELLACOPTERS : Riot on the rocks / NULL$KATESNYLTERNE : Paeng /FLAMING SIDEBURNS : Do the bamalama / PRESIDENT FETCH : Dancing with the blue eyed one / GLUECIFER : Remedy / YUM YUMS : I can't pretend / THE GRINNERS : Satan's in the back / THE PEEPSHOWS : Go to hell / SPACE COWBOYS : Rollin' sixes / MORONS : Good for you / UNION 69 : Plug me in , get me high / THE STROLLERS : Lies / CHINESE TAKEAWAY : Love song / BOMSHELL ROCKS : Underground radio / SILVER MACHINE : Bad attitude / MISDEMEANOR : Doomsday machine / BARBARELLAS : Giant godzilla / THEE ULTRA BIMBOS : Antonio / C-MEN : Kneedeep / THE RETARDOS : Up yours / HELLDIVER : Satan's groove / SHOTGUN BLUEZ : Up on nine / VOICE OF A GENERATION : My word my way / CANDYSTORE : You / SATOR : Dancing to the rocket from the crypt / LAUNDERETTES : I wanna jump your bones / BURNOUTS : Lucky seven .
Basque rock icon from Madrid , Kike Turmix , lead vocal in the punk band the Pleasure Fuckers , was also the boss of Safety Pin Records ( Nomads, Flaming Sideburns, Hellacopters ,Short Fuses, Jerry Spider Gang , Retardos , New Bomb Turks , Nitwitz , The Hot Dogs , Powder Monkeys , Tribute to the Flamin' Groovies , etc ...) . Amongst rock musicians in Scandinavia Kike T. was a legend for his love for everything "bad", releasing their records, and for setting up wild tours in spain. Safety Pin Records was one of the last truthfull independent labels making kick ass rock´n roll records. On the sideline of the big business record industry Kike put together two ( three ?) "Riot on the Rocks" compilations consisting of mostly Scandinavian bands...and for the rest of Europe...well plenty of records with some of the greatest street bands of the era...
Kike Turmix died in 2005 , R.I.P .
All punk must rock , all rock must punk !
Thanks to Gildas .

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Riot on the rocks vol. 1 WMA + covers

Link :

Enjoy it !

josega65 a dit…

Hi, six "Riot on the rocks" compilations were released:

Vols. 1,2 & 3 with Scandinavian bans
Vol. 4 "USA vs. Canada Rock'n'roll Compilation"
Vol. 5 "A Spanish tribute to I Wanna magazine"
Vol. 6 "An International tribute to I Wanna magazine"


Never seen vol 3 to 6 !
Thanks for the information ,josega65 !

capitain poon a dit…

HI, great post I love this bands. Cheers Rambler, I'm your shadow

Anonyme a dit…

Got Vol.1 + 2 and, too, never saw or heard of Vol.3-6. I not really believe that these (except for Vol.3) belong to this series, cause you can't find any info about them on the net. Not on Ebay, not on Amazopn ...... nowhere. Does anyone has the URL of Safety Pin Records ? Or did the label die with Kike ?


I was thinking the same thing than you GoodGuy666 ! I don't find any traces of these vol 3 to 6 on the net ! If someone got "Riot on the Rocks" vol.3 or 4 or 5 or 6 of the Safety Pin label and wants to send them to me by links ...
Safety Pin label died with K Turmix ! There's no more URL working today !
If someone knows more , welcome ...

capitain poon a dit…

je veux plus de "Holy Curse"

Anonyme a dit…

hello dans le même esprit
allez voir du côté de "TARINGA" les filles y sont tout aussi dénudées et les compilations viennent du septentrion.
en résumé les vol.1,2 & 3 des "Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man!" ci-dessous
au revoir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

The "PUSHING SCANDINAVIAN ROCK TO THE MAN" are for my personal taste "ok" to "good", but they are a Bad Afro label compilation, and not a comp with a theme like "Riot on the rocks". So I think there are only bands on the comp, which are on Bad Afro.
I like the "Riot on the rocks" comps FAR FAR more.
By the way: I got a very rare misprinted version of "Pushing Scandinavian rock" Vol.2 with not the original songs, but (if I remember correctly) classic music on it :-) :-)

Zombs a dit…

merci beaucoup

kike turmix was the best :)

Mondo Gitane a dit…

Aupa Kike!!

Felipe a dit…

Greta blog, please re-upload