LONDON COWBOYS On stage 1986 Underdog 320 kbps

Blue murder / Going through the motions /Hook line & sinker /Courtesan / Wow wow oui oui / Look good in Rags / Showdown / Let's get crazy / Reggae kop / Search & destroy.

Recorded at the Melkweg , Amsterdam : June '85.

Produced by Dior/Jones

LONDON COWBOYS this night : Steve Dior : vocals / Barry Jones : guitar / Gerry Laffy : guitar / Alan D'Alvarez : bass / Jerry Nolan : drums .

The London Cowboys was a punk band formed by punk renegades Steve Dior and Barry Jones, formerly of The Idols in the 1980s.The band was somewhat of an enigma and although these two remained (pretty) constant and wrote the material they were joined by a constant succession of other artists in the revolving roster.These included Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols,Terry Chimes & Tony James, Phil Lewis and Gerry Laffy from Girl, Jerry Nolan from the New York Dolls, also Alan D'alvarez (reportedly of Scotland yard's D10 section) and a dozen other less notable players.

They recorded several albums including "Animal Pleasure", "Tall in the Saddle", and "On stage" a live album. There was a fourth album 'in the can' recorded under the working title "Whip It Out" which, although never formally released, spawned the single "Dance Crazy/Bleed Me". This featured the last real incarnation of the band - Steve Dior, Barry Jones, Gerry Laffy, Alan D'Alvarez and Jerry Nolan.

After leaving the London Cowboys , Alan D'Alvarez briefly joined London pseudo punk rockers Better Than You before returning to obscurity. After the Cowboys Steve formed a band called Filthy Lucre which recorded a Album "Pop Spear" and appeared on the Johnny Thunders Tribute CD along with Jeff Dahl, Dogs, Cosa Nostra Band, Bebe Buell, Barry Jones, Jet Boys, Syl Sylvain.
Steve Dior now plays in The Delinquents.
Barry is now living in LA .

As usual , Max did a good work with the sleeve !!!

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

London Cowboys: "On Stage" 320 kbps + nice covers by Max !

Link 1:

Link 2:

Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

Merci Midnight Rambler.

London Cowboys were a very, very good band.

Thank you.

Anonyme a dit…

Many thanks

LC were a great band that didn't really gaot the recognition and the success they deserved. Still, Animal Pleasures is one of rock's best album

vex_voxtone a dit…

Kickass live record from one of my most favourite bands ... Steve Dior and Barry Jones together, it can't get any better than that baby!!!!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

cheers Midnight Rambler, great post, but links don't appear to be working. The Jacobites and Kusworth posts are brill. Nice one.

jp a dit…

un grand merci pour les london cowboys et les bounty hunters!
si on pouvait avoir "animal pleasure" et "tall in the saddle" des premiers", ce serait fantastique!
bonne continuation,


The links are working...

Anonyme a dit…

pourquoi aucun des links ne marche depuis quelques temps?
c'est dommage parce que le blog est vraiment super.


Ce vendredi , à 9h 3o , le lien des "London Cowboys: On stage" fonctionne ...

MJG196 a dit…

Thank You very much!!

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks. Got this on vinyl, but this saves me diggin' it out of the loft! Great album - great band!

Anonyme a dit…

ET le mot de passe pour deziper les fichiers???


Il n'y a jamais eu de mot de passe en 4 ans que ce soit pour dézipper les fichiers ou pour autre chose !!!!!