DENIZ TEK Take it to the vertical 1992 Red Eye records 320 kbps

Run out of water / Dead if looks could kill / Where dreams go / Steel beach / Don't axe me / Me & Gene / Is it good enough ? / Torpedo woman / Those times are gone / Ships in .

Produced & mixed by Deniz Tek & Andy "Mort" Bradley.

Musicians : Deniz Tek : guitar , lead vocals / Chris "Klondike" Masuak : guitar , keyboards , mazaphonic tremolator / Phil "Dust" Peterson : bass / Scott "Rock Action" Asheton : drums , percussion .

Guests : Angie Pepper : vocals / Grad Gaines : tenor sax / The World Shakers : background vocals .

Deniz Tek is a singer, guitarist and songwriter who is currently a member of Australian group Radio Birdman. He has been in many underground punk bands of the 1970's including The Visitors, and New Race, but is most known for his influence over the punk rock genre in Australia. He is currently married to Angie Pepper, also a noted Australian musician and former member of The Passengers.Tek was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. He spent 1967 in Australia with his parents and moved there permanently in 1972.

Deniz Tek is a trained ER doctor and navy pilot. Tek's navy codename 'Iceman' was appropriated by visiting screenwriters for a character in the hit movie Top Gun.

From 1973 to 1974 Deniz T. was in T.V. Jones , with Radio Birdman from 1974 to 1978 , with the Visitors , Angie Pepper Band and the New Race tour from 1978 to 1981 .

Encouraged by his friend and ex-Birdman compadre Chris Masuak, Deniz came back to Australia in 1991, intent on renewing himself musically. He began extensive touring in 1992 and, following a near career destroying disaster on the Take It To The Vertical tour of 1992 initiated a line-up that became known as The Deniz Tek Group. This line-up spent the next few years touring Europe, Australia and the USA, while releasing a series of EPs and several albums. Things began to fray in late '96 and the group split up.

He's now playing again with Radio Birdman ( new good album "Zeno Beach" in 2006 !)continuing his career solo .

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Anonyme a dit…

Both links for "Deniz Tek 1" are incorrect, there'a a slash(/) missing after (the word) file!

Looking forward to the other Deniz Tek posts!



Deniz Tek : "Take it to the vertical" 320 kbps + covers

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Enjoy it !


Thanks Gert !
Links repaired !

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vex_voxtone a dit…

Criminally overlooked artist famous for his roaring epiphone crestwood custom guitar that great late Fred "Sonic" Smith gave him. Radio Birdman will remain my fav band from the land that gave us such an unforgetable RNR acts like AC/DC, Saints, Rose Tattoo or Hoodoo Gurus to name few.
Thanx for this one bro ...

Anonyme a dit…

Thankx for this. Tek is a fantastic killer rock guitar.